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XENOKORP to release the new PUTRID OFFAL EP, “Anatomy”


Your specie is at risk and you know it, Humans. Attack after attack, the Xeno-Lords deliver brutal weapon after brutal weapon, but that new one we’re proudly announcing today, the new PUTRID OFFAL EP, has something special to it: it’s directly targeted at your repulsive innards.

Titled “Anatomy“, the six-tracks new biological monstrosity will impact your disgusting bowels in three different ways with two brand new tracks, two newly re-recorded tracks from “Mature Necropsy” with pathologist Laye Louhenapessy (also of DEHUMAN) martyrizing the skins under guest growling supervision by dean Doctor Stéphane Buriez (LOUDBLAST) and two live autopsies recorded during the pathologists’ first reunion exactly two years ago (May 2015 at Unideath Fest in Roselaere, Belgium), among which the previously unreleased dissection manual “Requiem for a Corpse“.

Coming as a collector edition limited to 500 hand-numbered copies packaged in a deluxe 3-panel DigiPak CD, the new assault on your pathetic bodies was engineered at the PSYKRON facilities by Doctor Philippe Reinhalter (MERCYLESS…) and mastered at CONKRETE laboratories by biologist Frédéric Motte (DEFEATED SANITY, ANATA, OTARGOS…). It will be unleashed upon your worthless specie on August 4th, 2017 with preorders starting June 5th at XenoKorp.com for our Human slaves and an advance availability at this year’s HellFest symposium .


PUTRID OFFAL "Anatomy" [XKR003]

Track list

  1. Anatomy
  2. Didactic Exploration
  3. Rotted Flesh [2017 re-recording]
  4. Gurgling Prey [2017 re-recording]
  5. Requiem for a Corpse [live]
  6. Purulent Cold [live]
  • Total running time: 16:21

“Anatomy” track streaming