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XENOKORP to release ATARAXIE’s “L’être et la nausée” on vinyl for the first time ever


It’s full-on assault on your wicked specie, humans, as the Korporation brings forth doom and death upon you, teaming with warriors ATARAXIE for yet an other kind of mesmerizing and tormenting, crushing and suffocating, darker than black funeral ceremony.

Mental illness, torture and suffering is what awaits you with the announced release of the warriors’ latest anthem of nihilism known as the already kvlt weapon “L’être et la nausée“, this time and for the first time ever, on the blackest of formats ever conceived: vinyl.

After molesting your rotting carcass with their previous declarations of war, the Xeno-Lords are more than proud to launch a new attack in the form of this monolith of dark matter on November 17th, 2017 as a 300 hand-numbered copies collector first print of ATARAXIE‘s “L’être et la nausée” as a double gatefold LP with hostilities starting on August 21th, 2017 with preorders at the XENOKORP Store.

Your being. Our Nausea.


ATARAXIE "L'être et la nausée" [artwork XKR008]

Track List

  1. Procession of the Insane Ones [side A]
  2. Face the Loss of Your Sanity [side B]
  3. Êtats d’âme [side B]
  4. Dread the Villains [side C]
  5. Nausée (pt.1) [side C]
  6. Nausée (pt.2) [side D]
  • Total Running Time: 79:14

“Dread the Villains” song stream