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XENOKORP to exhume impious DISABLED relics

The Korporation is proud to announce that lost and found ’90s impious Death Metal relics will soon be added to the Kvlt Series’ pantheon of underground treasures with the September 11 release of DISABLED‘s recently exhumed material known as “The Final Exhumation“.

Found back in legendary artist Crhis MOYEN‘s treasure chest in 2017 and released on (now soldout) cassette in 2018 by ANTI-HUMAN CONSPIRACY Records, this is a raw pre-production session recorded before DISABLED went on to tape their final release, the “Faith Ablation” EP, in 1997.

Carefully remastered at CONKRETE Studio (MERCYLESS, OTARGOS, ANATA…) yet crude and brutal, like real Death Metal should be, “The Final Exhumation” will nevertheless come as a deluxe DigiPak limited edition first print with artwork and layout by afore-mentioned Chris MOYEN (INCANTATION, SARCOFAGO, BEHERIT…) and detailed liner notes by journalist Olivier “Zoltar” BADIN (NOISEY, ZERO TOLERANCE…). Preorders will be launched July 20 at the XENOKORP Store.

While waiting for this new Kvlt Series must-have, DISABLED “Faith Ablation” T-shirts and long sleeves T-shirts are available at the XENOKORP Store here and the band’s complete discography has been made available at the XENOKORP Bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms.

All hail the Green Flesh Messiah!


DISABLED "The Final Exhumation"

Track List

  1. Exhumation
  2. Massacred by Slitting
  3. The Beast of Csejthe
  4. Ultimate Desecration
  5. Stabwound Butchery
  6. Abolish the Church
  7. Child Abuse
  8. The Eagle of Eli
  9. Back to the Beyond
  • Total Running Time: 28:39

Line Up

  • St├ęphane MORILLON – Vocals
  • Eric MOYEN – Guitars
  • Pascal BIRONNEAU – Bass
  • Laurent ROY – Drums


  • 2020 – “The Final Exhumation” [remastered]
  • 2017 – “The Final Exhumation” [cassette]
  • 2012 – “When All Is Slayed…” [compilation]
  • 1997 – “Faith Ablation” [EP]
  • 1995 – “Here Lies Your God” [demo]
  • 1993 – “The Fall of Christ” [demo]
  • 1992 – “Disabled” [demo]