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SKINNED sign to XENOKORP. New album, “Shadow Syndicate”, out May 04.

SKINNED sign to XENOKORP. New album, "Shadow Syndicate" out May 04.

XENOKORP is proud to announce the signing of a multi-album deal with US dark Death Metal band SKINNED and the release of the group’s fifth full-length, “Shadow Syndicate“, on May 04!

Firmly rooted in the Death Metal spectrum, SKINNED have since their inception in 1995, always combined styles to create their very own kind of Extreme Metal by twisting and re-shaping sub-genres, the result being a unique mix of Death Metal, dark Doom soundscapes, hyper blasts, Black Metal dramatic grotesquery and heavy slams.

This monstrous band’s ability to invoke innumerable extremes to create some of the heaviest, most epic, dark and brutal yet groovy brand of Death Metal is impressive. From their debut demo to present, the level of progression and diversification is vast and seemingly unstoppable.

Much like the relentlessness of their music, SKINNED continue to canvas the world with countless past tours and gigs on such sub/continents and countries as North and Central America, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Africa, South Asia… most recently with the likes of DEFEATED SANITY, KATAKLYSM, INCANTATION, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and many more, making SKINNED a globally recognized force within the Extreme Metal scene as a whole and that for sure won’t stop with their new deal with world-renowned management and booking agency THE FLAMING ARTS and the release of their brand new landmark album, “Shadow Syndicate“ through XENOKORP on May 04.

Varied in shapes and moods, “Shadow Syndicate”, produced by Dave OTERO (CATTLE DECAPITATION, CEPHALIC CARNAGE…) and featuring, among others, guest vocals by Josh WELSHMAN (DEFEATED SANITY…) and guest lyrics by Paul McGUIRE (CEREBRAL BORE…), is the kind of work of art that’s much more than a collection of tracks: it’s a world in itself where each song explores a different aspect of dark beliefs (conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries…), the whole creating a society of extreme darkness under the domination of the New World Order where the citizens become cattle for the governments and guinea pigs for alien entities, ultimately leading your specie to its ultimate demise, the face under the merciless boot of the… “Shadow Syndicate“!

“Shadow Syndicate”

The album will be released as a 1000 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first print and digital on May 04 with a debut single, “We Are the End” available for FREE download and as a music video immediately.

SKINNED "Shadow Syndicate"

Track List

  1. Wings of Virulence
  2. As Their Bodies Fall
  3. Mental Deconstruction
  4. We Are the End
  5. Black Rain
  6. Shadow Syndicate
  7. Hollowed Earth
  8. Led Them to the Trains
  9. Angel’s Haarp
  10. In the Mist of Dawn
  • Total running time: 39:00

“We Are the End” music video

“We Are the End” FREE digital single

FREE Download here.


SKINNED are confirmed to these great festivals, but extensive touring and more festivals appearances will be confirmed shortly.


Management worldwide and booking outside USA