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First iteration of the XENOKORP label sampler series “Multiverse War Kult“, “MMX-MMXVI” focuses on the years 2010 to 2016 and is a FREE farewell compilation to KAOTOXIN Records through 12 titles by AD PATRES, DARKALL SLAVES, DEHUMAN, INSAIN, MERCYLESS, MITHRIDATIC, NEPHREN-KA, OTARGOS, PUTRID OFFAL, SAVAGE ANNIHILATION, SIDIOUS and VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC.

Individual 320 kbps mp3 files and HD PDF digital booklet. Lossless formats available at XENOKORP’s Bandcamp.


You Humans think you discovered the “God Particle” sometimes ago when you’re not even able to travel to any other planet than your poor, lost, “third rock from the Sun” you call “Earth” and. Thinking you know it all, you decided that time travel is scientifically impossible even though you had a glimpse of the fact time itself doesn’t exist and it’s just a particle among many ; a vector. We, the Xeno-Lords, travel Universes and times far beyond yours ; universes outside and inside universes, times before and after time.

Your vision of “past”, “present” and “future” is biased and means nothing to us. We’re there and we’re nowhere. We’re now, then and when and we’re not and, while you’re still making your first and final steps as a specie that’s doomed to be erased from the surface of your own planet shortly, we gather elements, we absorb energies, we shift shapes and phases and travel what you name “time” remaining still, nowhere and nowhen. We consume dark matters and energies, create and destroy at the same time. We are it all. We are the void. We are the every/no/thing and whatever you think you know of us, you simply know nothing.

On early 2017 of your “time”, we absorbed in one of our wormholes what you once called KAOTOXIN, a laboratory building “Weapons of Self-Destruction” that, from 2010 to 2016, released 66 weapons and fired them more than 65000 times against men as individuals and Humanity as a whole before dissolving in the Great Beyond, assimilated in the Necroverse.

It meant, to your “knowledge”, the disappearance of a part of the former particles that once was KAOTOXIN but our pulsars are and will forever blast gamma rays targeted at mankind as the legacy of what you called KAOTOXIN now lives for/n/ever in our global armory.

The Multiverse War has just begun and…

We Don’t Come in Peace.