V/A “In Grindo Veritas” T-SHIRT / GIRLY


  • Stock clearance: NO future reprint, when it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

Earn up to 69 Kredits.


Black Gildan Heavy Cotton male T-shirt / female girly T-shirt with white “In Grindo Veritas” logo designed by Luis SENDON (MACABRE, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER…) on the front and white logo and artists names on the back. Last copies! No future reprint!

Bands: Atara, Blue Herps, C.O.A.G., Crash Victim Cannibalism, Defecal of Gerbe, Degraded, Department of Correction, Devour the Fetus, Diktat, Eating Shit, Embryopathia, Essen Mein Scheisse, Fäxe, Foetal Injury, Grind-o-Matic, Grist, Gronibard, Grünt Grunt, Haut&Court, Incrüst, Infected Society, Infest, L.A.R.D.O.N., Lovgun, Massive Chage, Mulk, Nolentia, Pulmonary Fibrosis, (Hell Nightclub and the) Satanic Morphine, Temesta, Trepan’Dead, Unsu, Untamed, Vengeance, Warfuck, The Washingtonians, Yattaï

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