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The item

320 kbps mp3 files and HD PDF digital booklet. Lossless versions can be found on our Bandcamp.

The album

Emerging from the cosmic maelstrom in 2001, it didn’t take long to OTARGOS to channel dark energy and fuse dark matter into a gigantic chaos of galactic proportions, unifying the laws of gravitation and quantum physics to bring forth multiversal domination upon mankind with the release of 2005’s “Ten-Eyed Nemesis” and 2007’s “Kinetic Zero“.

Preparing for the release of their third radiation storm, 2009’s “Fuck God-Disease Process“, the entity played a hometown ritual of grandiose darkened heresy which got captured live, featuring tracks from the three afore-mentioned super-massive black holes.

Shape-shifting ever since the big crunch that gave it birth, OTARGOS are now known for the Dark Extreme Metal armaggedon they’re summoning and blasting since supernovas five (“Apex Terror“, 2013) and six (“Xeno Kaos“, 2015) and the reissue of this antediluvian piece of brutal dehumanizing history that’s “Heretic Live” ten years after its original recording is a tribute to the primal form of this challenging unBeast’s Black Metal-ish grandeur during its formative aeons.

No God. No Satan. All hail quantum chaos domination!

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