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NEPHREN-KA “The Fall of Omnius” CD


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Who said Death Metal could only live in darkness? What about a blinding sun, a completely desert world only made of sand, skin-melting heat, dehydration, monster worms, dark magic, mind control and… eternal war?

NEPHREN-KA is the aural embodiment of Frank Herbert’s “Dune” saga. As heavy as Shai-Hulud the giant worm-God, as suffocating as deadly thirstiness, as brutal as a horde of raging Feydakins… There’s no peace, no rest in their world. Everything is about war for survival, war for power and supremacy. Everything is all about triumph or death, all about the triumph of death!

Dark, heavy and intense brutal and technical Death Metal mixing crushing heaviness with insane blasts of rage, that’s NEPHREN-KA!

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