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INSAIN “Enlightening the Unknown” DIGITAL


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The item

320 kbps mp3 files and high-definition PDF digital booklet including all artwork, lyrics and credits.

The album

The heavier a star, the faster its demise, the darker its ending. These are the basics of astrophysics and INSAIN‘s debut full-length, “Spiritual Rebirth“, was such an over-the-top release in all aspects -production, artwork, brutality, catchiness, musicianship…- it should have been a sign that such an intensity couldn’t last for long before turning into its counterpart from the dark side: a super-massive black hole and that’s all what “Enlightening the Unknown“, the band’s legacy, is.

No rest for the dead: INSAIN are no more but their legacy will live forever with this new and last release which also marks a step forward for a band that was already head and shoulder above the pack with only a full-length out.

Produced at the 16th CELLAR studio (HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE…), “Enlightening the Unknown” adds to the band’s brutal basis a denser dose of black matter transforming the laws of gravity into a singularity distorting time and space and attracting everything around bringing all that is darkness to a stellar chaos with the addition of fascinating new solos and captivating dark melodies, a new bass player, Bono (SAVAGE ANNIHILATION…), bringing the lower end of the sound spectrum to a whole new level of brutality and musicianship and even an intro and special guest vocals by Daniel NEAGOE (SHAPE OF DESPAIR, UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION…).

Beware, Death Metal fans: your Universe features a new deadlier spot on the map, way beyond the stellar remnants!

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