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INSAIN “Enlightening the Unknown” CD


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The item

First and sole print through now defunct KAOTOXIN records, it comes as a 1000 copies limited edition CD housed in a 2-flaps DigiSleeve printed on full-color 300g cardboard with matte lamination and booklet printed on 170g glossy paper including all lyrics and credits. Also includes free digital download version of the album. NO future reprint!

The album

The heavier a star, the faster its demise, the darker its ending. These are the basics of astrophysics and INSAIN‘s debut full-length, “Spiritual Rebirth“, was such an over-the-top release in all aspects -production, artwork, brutality, catchiness, musicianship…- it should have been a sign that such an intensity couldn’t last for long before turning into its counterpart from the dark side: a super-massive black hole and that’s all what “Enlightening the Unknown“, the band’s legacy, is.

No rest for the dead: INSAIN are no more but their legacy will live forever with this new and last release which also marks a step forward for a band that was already head and shoulder above the pack with only a full-length out.

Produced at the 16th CELLAR studio (HOUR OF PENANCE, FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE…), “Enlightening the Unknown” adds to the band’s brutal basis a denser dose of black matter transforming the laws of gravity into a singularity distorting time and space and attracting everything around bringing all that is darkness to a stellar chaos with the addition of fascinating new solos and captivating dark melodies, a new bass player, Bono (SAVAGE ANNIHILATION…), bringing the lower end of the sound spectrum to a whole new level of brutality and musicianship and even an intro and special guest vocals by Daniel NEAGOE (SHAPE OF DESPAIR, UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION…).

Beware, Death Metal fans: your Universe features a new deadlier spot on the map, way beyond the stellar remnants!

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