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DEFENESTRATION “Gutter Perdition” CD


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First release of the XENOKORP Militia Series which aim to help new artists kickstart their carreers with affordable releases, like any of its future pears, it comes as a 500 copies limited edition full-color cardboard sleeve CD with full-color insert including all lyrics and credits. Includes free digital download version of the album.

The album

Even though young -the band formed in 2014- DEFENESTRATION are, with their first EP “Gutter Perdition“, capturing the real essence of early 90’s straight-forward yet brutal Thrash / Death but without an once of the nostalgia that’s driving many to become copies of ersatz, following a now long-forgotten path that doesn’t builds up on a high-level of musicianship and intricate riffing and opaque song-structures but rather on mostly fast-paced tracks instead where, in contrast and for even more efficiency, grooves and melodies are taking an important part and put even more emphasis on the up-tempo and old-school, or let’s put it in less trendy words, unadulterated ferocious Death Metal moments, resulting in a refreshing breath of rotten air of a debut!

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