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AD PATRES “Scorn Aesthetics” CD


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Third and last print through now defunct KAOTOXIN records. (future reprints will be done through XENOKORP records). Comes as a crystal / jewel box CD with 170g full-color booklet with all lyrics and credits. Includes free digital download version of the album.


When most people tend to put barriers between genres, even in extreme styles of music, such as Death Metal or Black Metal, it’s hard to believe for the same people how much a musician that has been known and renewed for being part of some of the most prestigious Black Metal bands from France since almost 17 years can have a clear vision of what the perfect Death Metal album could be. Anyway, that’s the prowess Alsvid just made with founding AD PATRES, teaming with ex-members of WITHDRAWN or I.O.S.T., and releasing “Scorn Aesthetics”, the band’s debut full-length.

With such a level of musicianship, intensity or fastness on display, it could also be hard to believe songs could all be catchy and memorable. Prowess done, again. Artwork? Look at it! Impressive, intense, dark, twisted… fitting their blasting tunes so well! Production? Massive, thanks to GOROD’s very own BUD studio. Listen and make an idea for yourselves but that’s for sure you’ve hardly ever heard a debut release so intense, so fast, so catchy, all at the same time! Not only is AD PATRES releasing one of the most impressive debut full-length to date but, as all the live reports already said it: this band is made for the stage.

Kingdoms will be taken, heads will roll and AD PATRES will be crowned!

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