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SAVAGE ANNIHILATION annouce third season of Lieutenant Savage adventures: “Soumises à la procréation”

After two seasons (“Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries” in 2012 and “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” in 2017), French gory Death Metal duo SAVAGE ANNIHILATION return with a third chapter of Lieutentant Savage‘s adventures in a world full of blood-thirsty cannibals, religious fanatics, chaos, the Devil, orgies in blood, zombies from beyond the grave and more gruesome and ghastly delicacies…

Titled “Soumises à la procréation” (“Submitted to Procreation“), this new season comes as three episodes and three bonuses (a tribute to SLAYER’s Jeff HANNEMAN and both DEICIDE and HELLOWEEN cover versions) and features such special guests as Max OTERO (MERCYLESS…), Loïc TRIVETTE (KRONOS…), Sybille COLIN-TOCQUAINE (WITCHES…), Dum’s (PLEASURE TO KILL…) and Déhà (WE ALL DIE (Laughing)…) with art by UNDEAD KREATION, already responsible for the artwork behind both previous albums.

Strictly limited to a single print of 500 copies on DigiPak CD, this 22+ minutes new EP will be unleashed upon mankind on Aoril 10 through the Korporation with preorders starting on March 16. A first single, “L’orgie des morts” has been launched today on all major streaming platforms.

L’orgie des morts

Stream the new single!


SAVAGE ANNIHILATION "Soumises à la procréation" [XKR028]

Track List

  1. L’orgie des morts
  2. Soumise à la procréation
  3. Sous terre
  4. When the Slayer Bangs His Head (a tribute to Jeff Hanneman)
  5. When Satan Rules His World
  6. Savage
  • Total Running Time: 22:35
  • Intro for track 1 by Déhà
  • Track 4 is a tribute to SLAYER’s Jeff HANNEMAN feat. special guest vocals by Sybille COLIN-TOCQUAINE and Dum’s
  • Track 5 is a DEICIDE cover version feat. special guest vocals by Max OTERO
  • Track 6 is a HELLOWEEN cover version feat. special guest vocals by Loïc TRIVETTE


  • David CHAIGNE – Bass, Guitars & Vocals
  • Mickael CHAIGNE – Drums
  • Benoit JEAN- Bass (session on tracks 1 to 4)