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PUTRID OFFAL announce their new surgery

The Korporation is proud to reveal blood will be running free this Spring as PUTRID OFFAL will be back on May 22 with a new surgical butchery titled “Sicknesses Obsessions“!

After their 2015 comeback debut “Mature Necropsy“, the complete re-writing and re-recording of all of their ’90s material, PUTRID OFFAL are now back with a brand new bloody carnage 19 years after their stillbirth!

Recorded and mixed at PSYKRON studio (MERCYLESS, UNDEAD PROPHECIES…) and mastered at CONKRETE studio (OTARGOS, GOROD…) like its predecessor, featuring special guests among which Stéphane BURIEZ (SINSAENUM, LOUDBLAST…) and Arnaud DHENAIN (BLACK BOMB A…), this new platter of splatter splits the torso wide open and extirpates 15 tracks of frenetic anatomical rampage.

For the careful listener and the real fan, PUTRID OFFAL is not the usual “just gore” and has never been, as ever since their cult 1991 split with EXULCERATION, the band featured Gregorian chants and more into their nevertheless viscerally gory Death / Grind. “Sicknesses Obsessions” is no exception and will definitely impress the unsuspecting listener with unpredictable surprises throughout the album making the band really stand out.

Preorders will begin on April 13 for the first batch of deluxe versions: first print on DigiPak CD (limited to 500 copies) will not only feature two bonus tracks exclusive to the support (17 tracks), but also a live DVD of their pathological performance at 2017’s HELLFEST while the two vinyl versions (red, limited to 100 copies and black) will feature another bonus track, again exclusive to this support (16 tracks).

Let There Be Rot!



PUTRID OFFAL "Sicknesses Obsessions" [XKR029]

Track List

“Sicknesses Obsessions” CD / LP

  1. Autopsy
  2. Let There Be Rot
  3. Dura Mater
  4. Necrotic Mutilation
  5. Charnel House
  6. A Rot’s Caress
  7. Glorify Me
  8. Livor Mortis
  9. Lifeblood Ejected
  10. Viscera
  11. Palor Mortis
  12. Skilled Ritual
  13. Barber Butcher
  14. Y Shaped
  15. Vesalius [CD] * // Veins [LP] **
  16. Heaven’s Door
  17. Vasectomy*
  • Total Running Time: 40:38 [CD] / 38:09 [LP]

* Limited edition DigiPak CD bonus tracks
** Vinyl bonus track

“Live at Hellfest” DVD [main content]

Exclusively available as a bonus to the 500 copies DigiPak CD first print.

  1. Livor Mortis
  2. Purulent Cold
  3. Let There Be Rot
  4. From Plasma to Embalming
  5. Repulsive Corpse
  6. Necrotic Mutilation
  7. Gurgling Prey
  8. Rotted Flesh
  9. Organic Excavation
  10. Suffering
  • Total Running Time : 29:52

Line Up

  • Franck PEIFFER – Vocals
  • Philippe REINHALTER – Guitars
  • Frédéric HOURIEZ – Bass
  • Laye LOUHENAPESSY – Drums

Main Discography

  • 2020 – “Sicknesses Obsessions
  • 2017 – “Anatomy” [EP]
  • 2015 – “Mature Necropsy
  • 2015 – “Premature Necropsy” [’90s discography compilation]