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PESTIFER sign to the Korporation and announce new album


The Korporation is proud to announce that Belgian warriors PESTIFER are joining the Xeno-Lords’ armies in their Multiverse War against all life and, in particular, weak Humanity, with the 2020 release of forthcoming third full-length, “Expanding Oblivion“.

Formed in 2004, having released two successfull albums and toured Europe thrice with the likes of KATAKLYSM, KRISIUN and NILE, PESTIFER are known for their unique brand of Death Metal combining mindblowing playing abilities, elaborate riffing and complex song-structures.

With its analog and near-live sound and yet a huge production (mastering by Victor BULLOK (TRIPTYKON, NONEUCLID…), new album “Expanding Oblivion” and its unique Sci-Fi concept that develops in every song and throughout the album as a whole, will clearly demonstrate the band’s seemingly boundless inspiration, bringing them to a new level, pleasing all fans of both old-school Death Metal and modern Tech Death alike, never falling into neither of both actual trends though.

Expanding Oblivion” will be released during the first half of 2020 as a limited edition DigiPak CD first print. Meanwhile, first two albums “Age of Disgrace” (2010) and “Reaching the Void” (2014) have been made available for immediate download / stream on all major platforms, among which the XENOKORP Bandcamp here.


PESTIFER "Expanding Oblivion" [XKR027]

Track List

  1. The Remedy
  2. Ominous Wanderers
  3. Silent Spheres
  4. Disembodied
  5. Swallower of Worlds
  6. Fractal Sentinels
  7. Grey Hosts
  8. Lone Entity
  9. Omniscient
  10. Ultimate Confusions
  11. Expanding Oblivion
  • Total Running Time: 44:58


  • 2020 – “Expanding Oblivion
  • 2014 – “Reaching the Void
  • 2010 – “Age of Disgrace
  • 2006 – “s/t” [EP]

Line Up

  • Jérôme BERNARD – Vocals
  • Valéry BOTTIN – Guitars
  • Adrien GUSTIN – Bass
  • Philippe GUSTIN – Drums