XENOKORP "Multiverse War Kult I"

The Multiverse War Kult has just begun!

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XENOKORP is proud to announce the free public service that will see KAOTOXIN Records finally officially entombed with the release of the first iteration of the new label sampler series, “Multiverse War Kult“. Sub-titled “MMX-MMXVI (a Farewell to Kaotoxin)” the album focuses on twelve key releases from the KAOTOXIN back-catalogue […]

DEFECAL OF GERBE to drop the "Mothershit"

DEFECAL OF GERBE to drop the “Mothershit”

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After the recent release of their discography compilation “Discolocauste: 2005-2018 – The Full Shit So Far“, French three-headed Cerberus Beast of Boogie Goregrind DEFECAL OF GERBE is back and atrocities will soon escalate with the January 18 drop of… the “Mothershit“! Mocking the supposedly threatening “Mothership” by UK’s led airship, […]

XENOKORP to release 25th anniversary INHUME collection album, "Exhume"

XENOKORP to release 25th anniversary INHUME collection album, “Exhume”

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The Xeno-Korporation is proud to announce it will unleash a new weapon of mass-destruction upon the feebleHuman specie with the Dec.07 release of “Exhume: 25 Years of Decomposition“, a  collection of rare and previously unreleased tracks by Death / Grind veterans INHUME celebrating the band’s a-quarter-of-a-century-long brutal history. “Exhume” is […]

SAVAGE ANNIHILATION announce "Past, present... Torture & Blasphemy" French weekend tour with NERVECELL

SAVAGE ANNIHILATION announce “Past, Present… Torture & Blasphemy” French weekend tour with NERVECELL

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No rest for SAVAGE ANNIHILATION who keep on promoting their recently released second full-length “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” and the gory adventures of Lieutenant Savage bringing death, blasphemy and devastation everywhere they can, this time announcing a brand new French weekend tour with Dubai-based NERVECELL. After their 2017 […]

SKINNED announce Eastern Europe Summer tour

SKINNED announce Eastern Europe Summer tour

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Right back from festival appearances in Iceland, Wales and Colorado, US Death Metal long-runners SKINNED prepare to embark on a new Eastern Europe Summer tour in support of their just released fifth studio full-length “Shadow Syndicate“. Starting with an exclusive Western Europe appearance at Netherlands’ Stonehenge open air festival on […]

ATARAXIE "Résignés"

ATARAXIE reveal new album details

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Climate change forecasts announce a terribly dark and doom-y Winter as French Extreme Doom mastodon ATARAXIE will return with its fourth studio full-length,titled “Résignés“. Gathering as a worldwide team of obscure forces to unleash a global apocalypse of darkness, XENOKORP, DEADLIGHT and WEIRD TRUTH will make sure to attack your […]


DISOWNING sign to XENOKORP and release free digital EP

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XENOKORP is proud to announce the inking of a multi-album deal with new French and Canadian Death Metal force: DISOWNING. Born with the firm will to create something true to the Death Metal roots yet to bring some freshness to it with elements of Brutal Death Metal and Progressive Death […]