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OTARGOS unearth ten years old live album, “Heretic Live”

OTARGOS "Heretic Live"

The Korporation is proud to reveal their conspiracy with masters of Xeno Kaos, OTARGOS, for the unearthing of live album “Heretic Live” recorded a decade ago.

Summoning cosmic forces since 2001 and obsessed by science, technology and everything that, combined with annihilating encounters of the 666th kind ever since, OTARGOS have stylistically evolved from a raging Black Metal maelstrom to a Dark Extreme Metal black hole of galactic proportions since 2013’s fifth full-length, “Apex Terror” and its follow-up, 2015’s “Xeno Kaos“. Captured live ten years ago while preparing for the recording of their third full-length, “Fuck God-Disease Process“, “Heretic Live” is now available digitally at long last, paying homage to the formative years of the cosmic unBeast with ten bursts of grandiose venomous Blackened alien chaos.

The album is available right now for download at the XENOKORP Store or XENOKORP BandCamp and streaming at the XENOKORP YouTube. All major streaming platforms will follow soon.


OTARGOS "Heretic Live" [XKR016]

Track List

  1. Sulphuring Armaggedon Fog
  2. Kinetic Zero
  3. Unaltered Negative God
  4. Open the Circular Infinite
  5. Havocalypse
  6. Dawn of the Ethereal Monolith
  7. Hordes
  8. Infernal Legions Strike [feat. Hyrgal]
  9. Stygian Metamorphosis
  10. La genèse de Dieu
  • Total running time: 50:13

Line Up

  • Dagoth – Guitars & Vocals
  • Astaroth – Guitars
  • XXX – Bass
  • Ranko – Drums