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XENOKORP "Multiverse War Kvlt"

Multiverse War Kvlt!

The Korporation is proud to announce the later April availability of its very first CD compilation, a label sampler titled “Multiverse War Kvlt”, to be unleashed in a blast as a 500 copies limited edition […]

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That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie!

Stars aligned and doom started to spread upon mankind. And while pandemic surged, the tentacles-faced beast awoke from its aeons-long silent slumber within the walls of the underwater city of R’lyeh to visit the maze […]

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PUTRID OFFAL’s Vomited Analog Tract

The Korporation is proud to take part to legendary Gore Death / Grinders PUTRID OFFAL’s anniversary celebrations announcing the Nov.05 release of the band’s complete pre-album releases compilation “Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues” on vinyl […]

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Time for Human termination has come!

The Korporation is proud to announce the May 14 release of legendary French Blackened Death Metal horde OTARGOS’ new digital live album celebrating the band’s 20 anniversary, “20 Years of Human Termination”, recorded live at […]

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Return of the Squirting DEAD!

The Korporation is proud to reveal the Sep.03 release of the remastered reissue of Germany’s DEAD (cult 1995 debut, “You’ll Never Know Pleasure…” on both CD & LP. Even though their part of their 1994 […]

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Even more funerals after the plague

The Korporation is proud to announce it’ll release a 250 copies collector edition of legendary French unholy Death Metalers MERCYLESS’ 1993 cult second full-length album “Coloured Funeral” as a 180g heavy vinyl picture 12″ LP […]

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