Hello, world under lockdown!

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As our planet starts to be under lockdown because one of my fellow humans thought it might be a good idea to devour an unusual living form in addition of all the creatures we consume on a daily basis, thy Xeno-Lords gave me, Nico, Supreme Commande of the Human Slaves Armies, a mission: starting a blog to grow your knowledge of all the weapons in our armory so you’re more than ever prepared and become real Elite Troops of the Multiverse War Kult when our planet will cease to be quarantined by all of the other life forms populating the universes.

As such, this blog will feature the story behind all of our weapons which would include trvia, recording goofs, detailed explanations of the formats, concepts, lyrics, etc. It will also feature interviews with some of the producers and enginners behind those weapons as well as chats with the artists behind the artworks and layouts and the bands themselves, might it be with the whole band, individual musicians, their managers, publishers.

I’ll try to keep it entertaining and to post regularly depending on the amount of daily work here as, of course, you, Human Slaves and your weapons orders, are front and center of our priorities!

On behalf of the Xeno-Lords,