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DISOWNING to unleash the Metal ov Death upon the “Human Cattle”


The Korporation is proud to announce July 12 as the release date for “Human Cattle”, the debut full-length by international (Canada & France) Death Metal band DISOWNING.

Fronted by ex-OFFENDING singer, Jesus “the Butcher”, DISOWNING released a first digital EP, “Battle of Neverness” featuring a first song from the album and four demo tracks of titles also to be featured on “Human Cattle” which you can stream at Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal or YouTube below or download for free at the XENOKORP Store or XENOKORP Bandcamp.

Surgically crafted by gifted sound-engineer Sylvain BIGUET (ATARAXIE, IMPUREZA, TREPALIUM…) and viscerally illustrated by world-reknown graphic artist Rémy C. of HEADSPLIT Design (KREATOR, ARCH ENEMY, INSAIN…), “Human Cattle” is one of those few genre-bleding and mindmelting masterpieces that will stand out with time as true classics… if Humanity ever survive itself.

Preorders for the 500 copies limited edition deluxe DigiPak CD first print, digital and new merch. will be unleashed on May 20th, 2019.


DISOWNING "Human Cattle" [XKR023]

Track List

  1. Ghost Area
  2. Battle of Neverness
  3. Another Piece in my Collection
  4. Intoxicated by this Illusion
  5. Suffocated by My Walls
  6. The Servants of Chaos
  7. Inner Emptiness
  8. Alone on this Dark Path
  9. Human Cattle
  10. The Storm before the Storm
  • Total Running Time: 39:43

Line Up

  • Jesus “the Butcher” – Vocals
  • Peb – Guitars
  • Jérôme TOURINAN – Guitars
  • Adrien DIEU – Bass
  • Maxime PIRONNET – Drums

Stream “Battle of Nevrness”