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DISOWNING sign to XENOKORP and release free digital EP


XENOKORP is proud to announce the inking of a multi-album deal with new French and Canadian Death Metal force: DISOWNING.

Born with the firm will to create something true to the Death Metal roots yet to bring some freshness to it with elements of Brutal Death Metal and Progressive Death Metal formula yet avoiding the “modern Metal” trend, DISOWNING, featuring ex-OFFENDING singer Jesusthe Butcher” worked hard to forge its own identity based on very dark melodies, heavy riffing and a dense atmosphere, all topped with a very above-average musicianship not unlike their label-mates of AD PATRES or INSAIN for example.

Currently putting the finishing touches to its debut full-length planned for a Fall / Winter 2018 release with producer Sylvain BIGUET (ATARAXIE, TREPALIUM, IMPUREZA…) and artist Rémy C. of HEADSPLIT Design (KREATOR, SKINNED, INSAIN…), DISOWNING just unleashed “Battle of Neverness“, a free digital EP featuring a track from their forthcoming album and four bonus demo tracks from 2015.

Download your “Battle of Neverness” copy on BandCamp here now or stream it below!

Track List

  1. Battle of Neverness
  2. Another Piece in My Collection [2015 demo]
  3. Inner Emptiness [2015 demo]
  4. The Storm before the Storm [2015 demo]
  5. Human Cattle [2015 demo]
  • Total running time: 19:20

Line Up

  • Jesus “the Butcher” – Vocals
  • Peb – Guitars
  • Jérôme TOURINAN – Guitars
  • Adrien DIEU – Bass
  • Maxime PIRONNET – Drums


North American booking