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VRIESS “s/t”

VRIESS "s/t"


Born in 2020 when PROJECT FOR BASTARDS members CGrég & Chris (also ex-THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK) decided to resume work on stuff written a decade before, VRIESS is mixing groovy and heavy riffs, Thrash Metal’s appetite for speed and Death Metal’s hungriness for rotten atmospheres in their songs.

The duet soon recruits professional session musicians to complete the line-up with drummer extraordinaire Kévin PARADIS (BENIGHTED, MITHRIDATIC…) behind the kit and mesmerizing Linus KLAUSENITZER (ALKALOID, ex-OBSCURA…) on bass

Five songs are soon finalized with the addition of respected guitarist Christofer MALMSTRÖM (DARKANE…) as a guest soloist on one, resulting in the band’s debut EP that’s, lyrically, a reflection about the world we live in during these current troubled times.

Track List

  1. Chapter I (The Fight)
  2. Chapter II (The Curse)
  3. Chapter III (The Reality)
  4. Chapter IV (The Reborn)
  5. Chapter V (The Father)
  • Total running time: 17 minutes

Line Up

  • Chris – Vocals
  • Greg « Greorovitch » – Guitars


  • 500 copies limited edition cardboard sleeve CD [XKR035CDS]

Release History

  • 06.AUG.2021: CD & Digital


  • All music and lyrics by VRIESS
  • Guest solo on « Chapter IV » by Christopher MALMSTRÖM
  • Mixed and mastered by Greg at DIA studio
  • Produced by VRIESS
  • Pictures, artwork and layout by Laura PRIMOT
  • Executive producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP
  • All songs published by ALIEN FORCES Publishing
  • Released sponsored by HURRICANE Entertainment