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Most probably one of the, if not the, first real Death / Grind bands to ever emerge from the rotten bowels of France, PUTRID OFFAL, formed back in 1991 and quickly gained the attention of the scene with their first demo, “Unformed“, resulting in many compilation apparitions, a split 7” with AGATHOCLES, a split CD with SUPURATION, KHROMADEATH, SEPULCHRAL and others and their now cult split LP with EXULCERATION, “Premature Necropsy“, all of this in the span of only two years before it diseappeared.

Late 2013, PUTRID OFFAL reformed with the addition of guitarist Philippe REINHALTER and started recording all of their complete ’90s material and a few new songs too which resulted in the release of the “Suffering” single in 2014, featuring the first new PUTRID OFFAL original song in 20 years, “Livor Mortis” and, in 2015, their debut at long last, “Mature Necropsy“, nearly 25 years after the band’s inception.

Simultaneously, a remastered compilation of all of the band’s pre-album recordings, “Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues“, got released and the band and, wtih newly recruited DEHUMAN drummer Laye LOUHENAPESSY behind the kit, the band was back on stage for countless gigs and festivals over Europe, soon followed by an Europe tour with MERCYLESS.

In 2017, in order to showcase both their past, present and future and celebrate their gig at HELLFEST, PUTRID OFFAL released the “Anatomy” EP featuring two new songs, two “Mature Necropsy” with Laye on drums instead of the album’s drum-machine and two live songs from their 2015 reunion gig before embarking on a Europe tour with INHUME late the same year.

Early 2020, the band announced its second full-length, “Sicknesses Obsessions” at long last but, due to the CoronaV irus pandemic outbreak, the album had to be delayed until further notice even though a first single, “Dura Mater“, was made available mid-February.

For the casual listener, it’s not obvious, but it’s always been for the fans since the release of their split with EXULCERATION that featured Gregorian chants: PUTRID OFFAL isn’t the typical Death / Grind band and new album “Sicknesses Obsessions” is no exception to the rule and will delight both their long-time fans but a horde of rotten new fans alike.

Let there Be Rot!


Line Up

  • Franck PEIFFER – Vocals
  • Philippe REINHALTER – Guitars
  • Frédéric HOURIEZz – Bass
  • Laye LOUHENAPESSY – Drums