OTARGOS "Xeno Kaos"


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OTARGOS “Xeno Kaos”

  • Release date: November 13, 2015
  • Label: KAOTOXIN
  • Catalog #: TOX052


Forget the God particle, here’s a storm of primordial chaos from the Multiverse: OTARGOS return with a solar storm of lethal unlight!

The mythical darkened force of early 2000’s nextgen French Black / Death Metal return with their sixth studio full-length celebrating their 15th anniversary after countless gigs, tours (Europe, South America…) and festival appearances throughout the years.

After a first step aside in 2013 marking their departure from their former Black Metal with “Apex Terror”, Otargos signed to KAOTOXIN and recorded the real first full-length on which they fully embrace their new approach, broader and even more personal, of “Dark Extreme Metal” incorporating elements from influences as diverse as extreme Metal as a whole.

Xeno Chaos”, while pursuing the band’s lyrical concept based on quantum physics and the Multiverse theories (with excursions in the Warhammer 40K realms of chaos), takes a huge step forward into OTARGOS’ new direction, adding more dark atmospheres and cybernetic weaponry to the formula while still retaining all of the band’s former brutality, heaviness and intensity: a true masterpiece of Dark, Extreme, Metal!

Press quotes

  • #3 best 2015 album [François, Metal Cunt]
  • #7 best 2015 album [Angelos, Metal Invader]
  • #8 best 2015 album [Allister, Metal Cunt]
  • #8 best 2015 album [Lobo, Nawak Posse]
  • #9 best 2015 album [Fab, Nawak Posse]
  • #10 best 2015 album [Charlélie Arno, Rock Hard]
  • #39 best 2015 album [Vonlughlio, No Clean Singing]
  • #6 best 2015 Death Metal album [Metal Trenches]
  • Album of the Month [Rock Hard FR, 11/2015]
  • #5 album of the Month [No Clean Singing, 11/2015]
  • Part of the “top albums 2015” [Yet I Breathe]
  • Part of the “Good albums of 2015” [Andy Synn, No Clean Singing]
  • Part of the “Best of 2015” [Cult, Thy Demons Be Scribblin’]
  • A prominent reference of the European [Black Metal] scene” [Grind on the Road]
  • Without a doubt another album of the year contender!” [Thy Demons Bescribblin]
  • OTARGOS est l’un de ces géants à la puissance phénoménale” [Spirit of Metal]
  • L’un des albums phares de 2015” [Furieux]
  • A Brilliant Effort” [About.com]
  • A smart, Evil album that gets to the point” [Metal Made Fitness]
  • 10/10 : Metal Rules, Thy Demons Bescribblin
  • 9.2/10 : Metal Archives
  • 9/10 : Arte Metal, Bleeding 4 Metal, Cigareviews
  • 8.5/10 : Crossfire Metal, Metal Ship, Pavillon666, Spirit of Metal
  • 8/10 : About.com, Abysmal Hymns, Aux Portes du Metal, FFM Rock, French Metal, In Extremis, Metal Chroniques, Metal Temple, Occult Black Metal, Rock Tribune, Stereokiller, Taste of Khaos, United Rock Nations

Track listing

  1. Dominatrix
  2. The Ruinous Powers
  3. Chariots ov the Godz
  4. Dark Mechanicus
  5. Phase Shifters
  6. Xeno Kaos
  7. Realm of the Dead
  8. Human Terminate
  9. Infernal Legions Strike A.E. *
  • Total running time: 46:41

* 1000 copies limited edition DigiSleeve CD first print bonus track


  • TOX052CDX: 100 hand-numbered copies collector edition boxset including the limited edition DigiSleeve CD, exclusive patch, exclusive sticker, exclusive poster and exclusive guitar pick
  • TOX052CDLE: 1000 copies limited edition deluxe DigiSleeve CD
  • TOX052D: TOX052D

Release dates

  • 13-NOV-15: worldwide release

Line Up

  • Urich “Dagoth” Wegrich – Guitars & Vocals
  • Hindrik A.S. – Guitars
  • M. Pliszke – Bass
  • John A – Drums


  • All music and lyrics by OTARGOS
  • Produced by at Bud studio by Matthieu Pascal and OTARGOS and at NOEIN studio by OTARGOS
  • Mixed and mastered by HK at VAMACARA studio
  • Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for XENOKORP
  • Reproduced with kind permission of LES EDITIONS HURLANTES