MERCYLESS "Abject Offerings"


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MERCYLESS “Abject Offerings”

  • Release date: March 4, 2016
  • Label: KAOSKVLT
  • Catalog #: KXK001


Cursed for nearly 25 years with labels closing one after the other, thousands of bootleg copies and unofficial versions, infamous reissues and whatnot, “Abject Offerings” has anyway and against all odds, been a total lightning strike within the Metal underground right upon release and became a legendary classic ever since.

Produced by then quite-unknown-future-production-superstar Colin Richardson (CARCASS, CANNIBAL CORPSE, BOLT THROWER…) and with artwork by none less than Salvador Dali, MERCYLESS‘ “Abject Offerings” and its lethal dose of twisted-ness, wickedness, esotericism and mysticism not only had all the elements one could dream of for a debut full-length, but it definitely had the most important element of them all: an impressive talent for song-writing and catchy melodies, only topped by magnificent musicianship.

No Death Metal fan can pretend being so without praising this album.

Track list

  1. Nyarlathotep
  2. Abject Offerings
  3. A Message for All Those Who Died
  4. Substance of Purity
  5. Flesh Divine
  6. Without Christ
  7. Unformed Tumors
  8. Burned at the Stake
  9. Selected Resurrection
  • Total running time: 33:46


  • 50 copies collector edition cassette tape with exclusive patch [KXK001MC+P]
  • 50 copies collector edition cassette tape [KXK001MC]
  • Digital [KXK001D]

Release dates

  • 04-MAR-16


  • Max Otero – Guitars & Vocals
  • Stéphane Viard – Guitars
  • Rade Radojcic – Bass
  • Gérald Guenzi – Drums


  • All music and lyrics by MERCYLESS
    • Except “A Message for All Those Who Died“: lyrics by F.S.
  • Engineered by Renaud Hebinger at HERISSON studio
  • Produced by Colin Richardson
  • Remastered at ALIEN FORCES studio
  • Artwork “The Christ of St. John on the Cross” (detail) by Salvador Dali (1951) reproduced with kind permission of the Glasgow Kelvingrot Art Gallery and Museum
  • Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for XENOKORP records
  • Reproduced with kind permission of LES EDITIONS HURLANTES