MASTER / DEHUMAN "Decay into Inferior Conditions" [XKR009]


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MASTER / DEHUMAN “Decay into Inferior Conditions”

  • Release date: December 8, 2017
  • Label: XENOKORP
  • Catalog #: XKR009


Legendary Death Metal forefathers MASTER team with the new generation of evil, the touring machine DEHUMAN… Revel in death!

On one hand, MASTER, the cult band established in 1983, one of the very few artists that can pretend they’ve been part of the ones that created a musical genre of its own, Death Metal. On the other hand, a “young” and raging band pursuing the tradition and helding the torch high and proud, knighted by their peers, DEHUMAN. An already cult collaboration celebrating the two bands new -and third- common European tour!

It’s a tale of passion and friendship, mutual respect and support, one of these few legendary stories the “real” underground Metal scene is based upon. A tale that started in 2012 when DEHUMAN got the opportunity to support the cult MASTER throughout Europe for the release of their debut full-length, “Black Throne of All Creation“. The friendship story never ended since then. Followed by other common Europe and UK tours, among which the four weeks new October / November 2017 “Omens of Death Europe Tour” this obvious and inevitable split release celebrates.

MASTER starts the hostilities with an official “bootleg” soundboard recording of four songs from their set at Lepakkomies in Helsinki, Finland, on October 7, 2016 ; songs that not only celebrate the whole of their 35 years long career (and counting!) with tracks spanning from “Master“, one of the very first they’ve ever written to cuts from their 2016 latest full-length “An Epiphany of Hate” capturing through this raw and brutal yet clear sounding, the very essence of what Extreme Metal is meant to be on stage: raging, fast, stripped to the bone and played with passion and the guts.

DEHUMAN‘s contribution is a delight for the real Death Metal fan too with one of these rare yet so enjoyable “live in the studio” recordings that will remind fans of BOLT THROWER, CARCASS, NAPALM DEATH and the likes the cult “Peel Sessions” with furious renderings of not only one song from each of their two full-lengths (“Sepulcher of Malevolence” from “Graveyard of Eden” and “Apocalypse and Perdition” from “Black Throne of All Creation“) but also a brand new song, foretaste of what’s to come, “Morbid Sun” all of them not only recorded live to match MASTER‘s part vibe, but also re-written and updated with additional contribution by new, ex-VIBRION, guitarist, Lou-Indigo Caspar.

An already cult release that will be remembered through ages for sure!

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  • XKR009CDLE – 200 copies DigiPak CD [soldout during the tour]
  • XKR009LPLE – 300 hand-numbered copies 12″ LP+CD first print
  • XKR009D – Digital

Release Dates

  • 04-SEP-2017 – Preorders at XenoKorp.com
  • 08-DEC-2017 – Worldwide release

Track List

  1. MASTER – Master
  2. MASTER – Subdue the Politician
  3. MASTER – All We’ve Become
  4. MASTER – Slaves to Society
  5. DEHUMAN – Morbid Sun
  6. DEHUMAN – Sepulcher of Malevolence
  7. DEHUMAN – Apocalypse and Perdition
  • Total Running Time : 34:15


    • Paul Speckmann – Bass & Vocals
    • Alex Nejezchleba – Guitars
    • Zdenek Pradlovský – Drums
    • Andréa Vissol – Bass & Vocals
    • Rafaël Sellekaerts – Guitars
    • Lou-Indigo Triagone – Guitars
    • Laye Louhenapessy – Drums


    • All music and lyrics by MASTER
    • Official “bootleg” recorded at Lepakkomies in Helsinki, Finland, on October 7, 2016
    • Mastered at ALIEN FORCES studio
    • Reproduced with kind permission of SPECKMANN publishing
    • All music and lyrics by DEHUMAN
    • Mastered by Frédéric Motte at CONKRETE studio
    • Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing
  • Artwork by Gabriel Tapia
  • Executive producer: Nicolas Williart for XENOKORP