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INSAIN [logo]

INSAIN [band]


Born in 2007, INSAIN, with the release of their 2010 debut, “Spiritual Rebirth“, would quickly become the new sensation of the French Death Metal scene starting to gig everywhere, among which an appearance at legendary Death Metal festival “Mountains of Death” until all Hell broke loose when overly gifted drummer Jonathan “Sangli” JURE (now in WITCHES) got severely injured, hit by a truck on the highway, letting him trapped in a hospital room for more than a year, trying to recover from countless fractures.

The band decided to wait for JURE’s return, writing new material meanwhile, which, after the replacement of bassist Thibaut AGUIR (now in COWARDS) by Benoît “Bono” JEAN (now in SAVAGE ANNIHILATION), would later become their future “Enlightening the Unknown” EP.

While at the hospital, JURE had managed to have a V-drum installed in his hospital room and would rehearse on his own as part of his recovery routine and, even though hardly able to walk a few meters, he would enter the studio late 2012 and record his parts for the forthcoming EP before going back to the hospital for more surgeries while the rest of the band would record their parts but, sadly, the feeling was gone and the team wasn’t such anymore and INSAIN called it a day and disbanded before the EP got released.

Shining as a million stars, INSAIN died in a black hole… letting a legacy of some of the best Death Metal material ever released nevertheless achieving such quality and perfection in their ultra-short lifespan only a few bands, even with a decades-long carreer, would be able to compete with.


Line Up

  • Louis Lafitte – Vocals
  • David Schonbackler – Guitars
  • Nicolas Becuwe – Guitars
  • Benoît “Bono” – Bass [“Enlightening…”]
  • Thibaut Aguir – Bass [“Spiritual…”]
  • Jonathan “Sangli” Juré – Drums