INSAIN "Spiritual Rebirth" [TOX008]


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INSAIN “Spiritual Rebirth”

  • Release date: April 2, 2012
  • Label: KAOTOXIN
  • Catalog #: TOX008


Rare are the bands able to come with an album that’s both brutal and catchy, technical and memorable, full of speed yet with atmosphere, displaying this level of musicianship yet able to captivate the listener from start to finish, and even more rare are the bands able to do this with their very first album. The album’s “Spiritual Rebirth“, the band’s INSAIN.

Always intense, from start to finish, the album’s mixing catchy melodies from time to time with upper class technical parts that are never meant to be only some kind of musical show off, INSAIN is the kind of band that has a real talent for song-writing and each listen will bring something fresh to the listener’s attention. The first listen is like being rolled over by a train at full-speed while each further spin will start to bring small yet brilliant technical details, melodic hooks, memorable choruses even with such intricate song structures and violent, yet controlled, playing.

Already a must!

Track List

  1. Black as Your Light
  2. Me and I
  3. Inquisitor
  4. Spiritual Rebirth
  5. Corpse before Death
  6. Prophet
  7. Dying Mind
  8. Worthless
  9. Angel of Pain
  10. Ethereal Enemy
  11. Back into the Wild
  • Total Running Time: 37:08

Line Up

  • Louis Lafitte – Vocals
  • David Schonbackler – Guitars
  • Nicolas Becuwe – Guitars
  • Thibaut Aguir – Bass
  • Jonathan “Sangli” Juré – Drums


First self-released by the band, then rebranded as a KAOTOXIN release, a total of 1000 CD copies have been made in a total of three different versions, one of which being the self-release, the two others being the KAOTOXIN ones below.

  • 200 hand-numbered copies DIY DigiPak CD [TOX008CDLE]
  • Crystal / Jewel Box CD [TOX008CD]
  • Digital [TOX008D]

Release Dates

  • 02-APR-2012: Worldwide release


  • All music and lyrics by INSAIN
  • Engineered by Olivier T’Servrancx at ELECTRIK BOX studio
  • Mixed and mastered by Slawek and Wojtek WIESLAWSKI at HERTZ studio
  • Artwork and layout by Michal “Xaay” LORANC
  • Executive Producer: Nicolas Williart for XENOKORP
  • Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing