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GRONIBARD [picture]


Formed in 1998 as a “joke” side-project by members of WARSCARS (Grindcore) and FRANKENSPERM (Noise), GRONIBARD, then a nine-dudes thing, recorded their first demo, the infamous “Prendez-moi!“, even before their first rehearsal, just making stupid a capella noise-stuff live at a radio show… a bold statement of the “awesomely stupid” aspect the band would never quit, even though they’d later on release some of the tightest and best sounding Goregrind from the late 90’s / early 00’s.

A million line-up changes, noisy demos, compilation tapes and splits later, the band had already made a name for itself and, with the arrival of drummer Godemichel, got the attention of cult Grindcore label Bones Brigade with whom they’d release their classic, untitled, debut that completely took the whole Grindcore / Goregrind scene by storm adding to the DEAD INFECTION / LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY gore and the DEAD / GUT porn, both a gay-friendly and misogynist parodic approach, all combined with a real talent for adding genius to the supposed stupidity on display and vice-versa.

Both the album and the following “Satanic Tuning Club” EP, a collection of two parts (Goregrind and Acoustic) that were supposed to be released as splits, became instant cult classic releases that would inspire a whole generation of “less serious Grind” bands but, somehow, left the band quite clueless about their future: what do you do when your first releases got such an impact? Release the follow-up based on a formula proven to work and get people thinking whatever you do sounds the same or do something completely different and be treated as traitors / sell-outs?

Well, if you’re GRONIBARD, you smoke a lot of weed, drink way too much beer, watch way too much 70’s / 80’s porn for way too long (nearly six years…) not giving a fuck and, then and only then, you just go for it, don’t give a flying shit and record whatever you’re into at the moment: Grind’n’Roll and Free Jazz, which are the two styles their second full-length, “We Are French, Fukk You“, is based upon BUT you also take the opportunity of the album’s recording sessions to record a shit-load of light-speed ultra brutal, straight-forward, right-in-your-face, Goregrind, completely different from both your albums and keep these tracks for future split EPs (of which only one, the split with ANAL PENETRATION would see the light of the day, though).

Even though the band didn’t release anything during nearly a decade since their latest full-length, with the exception of the “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!” compilation in 2012, the band’s still a highlight of many Extreme Metal festivals worldwide with each and every of their gigs (like the nearly half-a-million views (!) for their 2004 Obscene Extreme Festival gig on YouTube, ie) but rumors have it they’re currently writing new material for their third full-length… Sticky fingers crossed!


  • 2012 – “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo! [compilation]
  • 2009 – “s/t” [split]
  • 2008 – “We Are French, Fukk You
  • 2003 – “Split Your Guts, vol.1” [split]
  • 2002 – “Satanic Tuning Club” [EP]
  • 2001 – “s/t
  • 2000 – “Five Ways to Reconnect with Old-School Most Wanted Grinders” [split]

Line Up

  • Anal Capone – Vocals
  • Necronenbourg – Guitars & Vocals
  • P’tite Bite – Guitars
  • Albatard – Bass
  • Godemichel – Drums