GRONIBARD "Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!" [TOX005]


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GRONIBARD “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!”

  • Release date: January 31, 2012
  • Label: KAOTOXIN
  • Catalog #: TOX005


After the storming release of their debut, untitled, full-length in 2001, GRONIBARD got offered plenty of new releases, among which a split with GOREROTTED and GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, a split with legendary EXIT-13 and an acoustic EP in the vein of what ANAL CUNT did and so they quickly entered the studio in 2002 and recorded new original material alongside silly covers and even more silly acoustic versions.

The first split got released as “Split Your Guts, vol.1” (Deepsend Records) but mastered a way the band disliked. The second never came out because the only (then instrumental) studio tapes got lost by EXIT-13 during a car crash. The third got cancelled altogether. This is how the original 2002 “Satanic Tuning Club” EP (Bones Brigade Records) came together: half the unreleased split with EXIT-13, half the acoustic EP.

In 2012, GRONIBARD decided to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this recording session teaming with KAOTOXIN Records for a 300 hand-numbered copies limited edition vinyl version, “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!” (now soldout), featuring not only the whole of the session, but also a selection of greatly sounding live tracks from this very same era and even a previously unreleased track, with a revisited artwork by original artist and ex-GRONIBARD member Natachatte and carefully remastered for vinyl by the band themselves.

Already a cult piece of the Goregrind history!

Track List

  1. 30 millions de zobis
  2. J’te lacère les tétons à coups de brosse à dents (sale pute)
  3. Arrête de boire, mets-toi au foutre
  4. Ta gueule, Cédric!
  5. Dans le fion à Hélène
  6. T.A.F. (tout à fond)
  7. David gay tha
  8. A Life’s a Life
  9. Fais-moi pas chier, connasse
  10. Fingernails
  11. Sale pute
  12. Morceau sans titre
  13. Quand je sodo Mimi Mathy, ça fait un méchoui [live]
  14. Arrête de boire, mets-toi au foutre [live]
  15. Mets un suppot quand j’éjacule, ça fera le Space Mountain [live]
  16. Cripple Bitch [live]
  17. Le jeudi, c’est sodomie!
  18. Mets un suppot quand j’éjacule, ça fera le Space Mountain
  19. J’t’encule le cule
  20. Quand je sodo Mimi Mathy, ça fait un méchoui
  21. Oh les champions!
  22. Stages
  23. Viens là, suce ma bite! [2002 version]
  24. March of the Gronibard / Je te déchire l’anus [acoustic]
  25. Prout de bite [acoustic]
  26. Va faire la vaisselle! [acoustic]
  27. Pacifuck (force anus) [acoustic]
  28. Morceau en son clair [acoustic]
  29. Noize en son clair [acoustic]
  • Total Running Time: 39:25

Line Up

  • Anal Capone – Vocals
  • Necronenbourg – Guitars & Vocals
  • P’tite Bite – Guitars
  • Albatard – Bass
  • Godemichel – Drums


  • 100 hand-numbered copies “gay” limited edition clear red LP with bonus “Vroum!” flexi EP [TOX005LPLE1]
  • 100 hand-numbered copies “bi” limited edition clear LP [TOX005LPLE2]
  • 100 hand-numbered copies “hetero” limited edition black LP [TOX005LP]
  • Digital [TOX005D]

Release Dates

  • 31-JAN-2012: Worldwide release


  • All music and lyrics by GRONIBARD, except:
    • “Ta gueule, Cédric!” by UGLY KID JOE (“We Don’t Care about You”)
    • “David gay tha” by David GUETTA (“Love Don’t Let Me Go”)
    • “A Life’s a Life” by DISRUPT
    • “Fingernails” by EXIT-13
    • “Cripple Bitch” by GUT
    • “Oh les champions!” by Johnny HALLYDAY (“Tous ensemble”)
    • “Stages” by ROTTEN SOUND
  • Produced by Hubert Letombe at MIDNIGHT studio
  • Artwork and layout by Natachatte
  • Executive producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP
  • Reproduced with kind permission of ALIEN FORCES publishing