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DISOWNING (picture by FocalPix)
(c) Focalpix


Born with the firm will to create something true to the Death Metal roots yet to bring some freshness to it with elements of Brutal Death Metal and Progressive Death Metal formula yet avoiding the “modern Metal” trend, DISOWNING, featuring ex-OFFENDING singer Jesusthe Butcher“, worked hard to forge its own identity based on very dark melodies, heavy riffing and a dense atmosphere, all topped with a very above-average musicianship not unlike their label-mates of AD PATRES, INSAIN or SKINNED for example.

Adding to the aural darkness a concept based on humanity’s downfall and the darkest days of our specie, DISOWNING is all about praising the fall of mankind and fully embracing it as a work of art and the celebration is just starting.

Submit, Human Cattle!



  • Jesus “the Butcher” – Vocals
  • Peb – Guitars
  • Jérôme TOURINAN – Guitars
  • Adrien DIEU – Bass
  • Maxime PIRONNET – Drums


North American booking