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Spawn from the wicked minds of singers Aurel, Poussin and Disco Nico soon joined by drummer Hervé and SAVAGE ANNIHILATION‘s Chaigne brothers Dave (guitars) and Mike (bass), DEFECAL OF GERBE (aka “DxOxG”) raised on its stinking paws in 2005, bringing Goregrind to a brand new level of groovy retardness with their 2007 debut EP, “Discolocauste“.

The EP got the band’s disgusting mixture of twerking Goregrind, and booty-shaking Slamming Brutal Death Metal mixed with, well… “non-lyrics”… to spread like rabies worldwide and brought them a deal for many releases including splits with BESTIAL DEVASTATION, EBANATH, TREMOR, VAGINAL CHICKEN and VULVULATOR, appearances on COCK AND BALL TORTURE and LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY tribute albums and countless live appearances, including a pee stop at the largest Grindcore festival on Earth, OBSCENE EXTREME which got desecrated the way it was supposed to: doggy-style!!

Even though the three former singers left soon after, Mike, Dave and Hervé nevertheless decided to go on with DEFECAL OF GERBE, took over vocals and embarked to a manic defecation spree all over UK and Europe but due to the two Dave and Mike being busy with their other musical projects, DxOxG had to be put on his leash between 2011 and 2013 to better come back in 2013, stupider than ever, with a brand new song on the French Grindcore compilation “In Grindo Veritas” soon followed by… the DxOxG going back to its niche for the very same reason.

But it’s at long last time for the vomit-drooling DEFECAL OF GERBE beast to wave its stinking tail and release its debut full-length, “Mothershit“, right on time for its 15th year of existence…

Prepare to be… soiled!


  • 2018 – “Mothershit
  • 2018 – “Discolocauste: 2005-2018, the Full Shit so Far [discography compilation]
  • 2013 – V/A “In Grindo Veritas [compilation]
  • 2010 – V/A “Bulldozers United: a tribute to COCK AND BALL TORTURE” [tribute]
  • 2009 – V/A “Tribute to LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY” [tribute]
  • 2009 – “Grind Your Life” [3-way split with BESTIAL DEVASTATION and VAGINAL CHICKEN]
  • 2009 – “s/t” [4-way split with EBANATH, TREMOR and VULVULATOR]
  • 2009 – “Discolocauste” [EP]


  • Dave “Hourment” CHAIGNE – Guitars & Pitch
  • Mike “Ron Maiden” CHAIGNE – Bass & Pig
  • Hervé “To Heaven” MOTTÉ – Drums & Crust