ATARAXIE “Résignés”

  • Release date: March 8, 2019
  • Label: XENOKORP
  • Catalog #: XKR020


It took six long years to ATARAXIE to deliver the follow-up to 2013’s ultra massive “L’être et la nausée“. Six long years spent reinventing themselves when guitarist Sylvain ESTEVE (one of the founding members) left, replacing him with two new guitar players Hugo GASPAR (FATUM ELISUM, MALEMORT…) and Julian PAYAN (SORDIDE, VOID PARADIGM…), re-arranging their whole back-catalogue for this uncommon new line-up with three guitarists, touring Europe and writing new material. But when it comes to one of the European leaders of the Extreme Doom scene, delivery definitely doesn’t mean deliverance. At all.

Résignés“, the new album, is all but just “music”, it’s a painful experience to be suffered by all senses, by all organs, innards… It’s not just like swarming in the sewers. It’s drowning in an oil spill of cataclysmic proportions where deep growls sound like the last words expectorated through a last breath from oil-filled lungs and screams express the utter madness invading the mind of the soon-to-be-dead, you.

Mixed by Sylvain BIGUET (TREPALIUM, EIBON, DISOWNING…) and mastered by Collin JORDAN (VOIVOD, EYEHATEGOD, YOB…) again, “Résignés” deals with the global failure of a whole specie chewing the rotten remains of the planet that once fed it, vowing itself to its own demise, wallowing in pathetic beliefs in a hallucinated salvation.

A world made of the madness of the masses, the morbid Human curiosity, its voyeurism and hunger for blood and a whole part of the society, hopeless and resignated to commit suicide before having to face an even more painful end, taking turns between the executioner’s hands, watching in delight the one before them dying while waiting for their own time to come. Here’s what “Résignés” is all about: the resignation to death as the sole deliverance.

Prepare to meet thy Extreme Doom.

Press Quotes

  • Un indispensable de 2019” [Addict Culture]
  • un accablant parfum de fatalité” [Télérama]
  • un disque qui vous fige les sangs en un tournemain” [Satan Owes Me Money]
  • [“Résignés”] tends to the flames of the nihilistic inferno from start to finish” [Metal Sucks]
  • Contender for Album of the Year” [Gurlog]

…more coming soon.

Track List

  1. People Swarming, Evil Ruling
  2. Résignés
  3. Coronation of the Leeches
  4. Les affres du trépas
  • Total Running Time: 83:25

Line Up

  • Jonathan THERY – Bass & Vocals
  • Frédéric PATTE-BRASSEUR – Guitars
  • Hugo GASPAR – Guitars
  • Julien PAYAN – Guitars
  • Pierre SENECAL – Drums


  • 262 hand-numbered copies limited edition double splatter (clear / black) 12″ vinyl LP first print [XKR020DLPLE]
  • double 12″ vinyl LP second print [XKR020DLP]
  • 100 copies limited edition cassette tape [XKR020MC]
  • Digital [XKR020D]

Release Dates

  • 08-Mar-2019: splatter 12″ LP, Cassette & Digital
  • 11-Oct-2019: 12″ LP second print


  • All music by ATARAXIE
  • All lyrics by Jonathan THERY
  • Recorded by Frédéric PATTE-BRASSEUR at VAULT 92 studio, Frédéric GERVAIS at HENOSIS studio and Sylvain BIGUET at MIDILIVE and NEW RETRO SOUND studio
  • Mixed by Sylvain BIGUET at NEW RETRO SOUND studio
  • Mastered by Collin JORDAN at BOILER ROOM studio
  • Artwork and pictures Kalistor DINENT’DAL
  • Additional artwork and layout by Arturo VARGAS
  • Executive Producer: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP records, Alexandre MARTINEZ for DEADLIGHT entertainment and Makoto FUJISHIMA for WEIRD TRUTH productions
  • All songs published by ALIEN FORCES Publishing. Reproduced with kind permission.