ANATA “The Infernal Depths of Hatred”

  • Release date: October 21, 2016
  • Label: KAOSKVLT
  • Catalog #: KXK002


Released in 1998 through then recently launched French label Season of Mist, ANATA‘s debut, “The Infernal Depths of Hatred“, took the unsuspecting Death Metal scene by storm combining a sped up version of the trademark melodic, catchy and uptempo Gothenburg “New Wave of Swedish Death Metal” sound (AT THE GATES, SOILWORK, DARK TRANQUILLITY…) with its faster, heavier and more brutal US Death Metal counterpart (MORBID ANGEL, SUFFOCATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE…). Now specially remastered for analog physical supports at CONKRETE studio (DEFEATED SANITY, MERCYLESS, INHUME…) and coming with a bonus MORBID ANGEL cover from ANATA‘s 1999 “War, vol.II” split with BETHZAIDA, the first ever vinyl release of the band’s landmark debut comes limited to 300 hand-numbered copies yellow and black marbled vinyl.

Track List

  1. Released when You Are Dead
  2. Let the Heavens Hate
  3. Under Azure Skies
  4. Vast Lands / Infernal Gates
  5. Slain upon His Altar
  6. Those Who Lick the Wounds of Christ
  7. Dethrone the Hypocrites
  8. Aim Not at the Kingdom High
  9. Day of Suffering [MORBID ANGEL cover]
  • Total running time: 43:48

Line Up

  • Fredrik SCHÄLIN – Guitars & Vocals
  • Andreas ALLENMARK – Guitars
  • Henrik DRAKE – Bass
  • Robert PETERSSON – Drums


  • 300 copies limited edition yellow & black marbled 12″ LP [KXK002LPLE]

Release Dates

  • 21-Oct-16


  • All music and lyrics by Fredrik SCHÄLIN except:
    • Aim Not at the Kingdom High” music by Fredrik Schälin & Mattias Svensson
    • Day of Suffering” by MORBID ANGEL
  • Recorded at StudioMega studios February / September 1998
  • Engineered and mixed by Fredrik SCHÄLIN and Christian SILVER
  • Mastered at StudioMega studios by Kristian OLSSON and Christian SILVER
  • Remastered for vinyl at CONKRETE Studio by Frédéric MOTTE March 2016
  • Executive Producer for this reissue: Nicolas WILLIART for XENOKORP Records
  • Produced by SEASON OF MIST and ANATA
  • Published by SEASON OF MIST publishing
  • Reproduced with kind permission