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AD PATRES [logo]




AD PATRES delivers genuine Death Metal, creating a perfectly balanced mixture of technique and brutality. The Devil diving into the deep blue sea.

In 2012 the band fathered its first freak, entitled “Scorn Aesthetics“, already a well balanced combination of early 90s Death Metal and contempory influences, and toured agressively in Europe, supporting the likes of MORBID ANGEL, CRYPTOPSY, KRISIUN, SEPTICFLESH, NAPALM DEATH to name a few and played on some of the finest stages across the continent among which Deathfeast in Germany, Mass Deathtruction in Belgium and Hellfest in France.

Probably one of the most noticeable feat of AD PATRES was to be the first and only Death Metal band ever to electroshock national public broadcast in 2014 playing a full live session on Radio France station “Le Mouv”.

Today, AD PATRES hits the road, spawning their second runt, “A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments”, which remains consistent in style to its older brother, while still managing to bring its own fell touch to the proceedings.

Fruit of a long fermentation process, this album digs its own grave deeper than ever before, while strengthening the foundations of the band’s signature brutality.

Not recommended for the faint of heart, this is French Haute Suture.