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DEHUMAN sign to XENOKORP ; announce new line-up and new split and tour with MASTER

The Xeno Korporation is proud to reveal the inking of a multi-album deal with Belgium’s most raging and deadliest horde, DEHUMAN, and not only their new devastation of Europe campaign with legendary great old ones and friends MASTER but a split LP between the two ravaging units too!

Back in 2012, the Kaotoxin laboratories teamed with cult Czech legends MASTER to bring DEHUMAN on a devastating European trek to celebrate DEHUMAN‘s debut, “Black Throne of All Creation“, and MASTER‘s then new album, “The New Elite” and the rest is history.

Fast forward five years later, now long time comrades DEHUMAN and MASTER have decided to put Europe to its knees again with the “Omens of Death” tour and celebrate the sackage with the release of a split album titled “Decay into Inferior Conditions” through the XENOKORP’s conglomerate of death.

Combining four tracks of lethal aggression by MASTER in the form of an “official bootleg” recording of one of the band’s renowned, stripped-to-the-bone and raging live performances summing their entier 35 years old long -and counting!- carreer with songs from 1983 to 2016 with three “live in the studio” tracks by DEHUMAN introducing new, ex-VIBRION, guitarist Lou-Indigo Triagone pushing new renditions of songs from the band’s both full-length, 2012’s “Black Throne of All Creation” and 2015’s “Graveyard of Eden“, to a whole new level of epic-ness, evilness and heaviness, alongside a brand new track. The split, “Decay into Inferior Conditions“, is definitively a future cult release for sure!

This new monolith of Death Metal will come packaged as a black vinyl in a black paper inner-sleeve and a 300g reverse-board print outer sleeve which the interior flooded in black. The first print will be hand-numbered and limited to 300 copies and include with an A3 tour poster.

Release date is set to December 8th, 2017 with preorders starting on September 4th at the XenoKorp Store and exclusive advance availability at both bands’ merch. table during the “Omens of Death” tour.

Decay into Inferior Conditions” artwork

MASTER / DEHUMAN "Decay into Inferior Conditions" [XKR009]

Decay into Inferior Conditions” tracks premiere

Omens of Death” Europe Tour 2017

MASTER and DEHUMAN "Omens of Death" Europe Tour 2017

  • 24.OCT – BE – Deinze – Elpee
  • 25.OCT – UK – Cardiff – Fuel Rock
  • 26.OCT – UK – Nottingham – Angel Microbrewery
  • 27.OCT – UK – Glasgow – Ivory Black
  • 28.OCT – UK – Manchester – Retro
  • 29.OCT – UK – London – Lounge
  • 30.OCT – BE – Fontaine-l’évêque – MCP Apache
  • 31.OCT – FR – Nancy – Machine
  • 01.NOV – FR – Barberaz – Brin de zinc
  • 02.NOV – IT – Torino – Progetto Mayhem
  • 03.NOV – IT – Firenze – Circus
  • 04.NOV – IT – Roma – Traffic
  • 05.NOV – IT – Milano – Blue Rose
  • 07.NOV – ES – Barcelona – Rock Sound
  • 08.NOV – ES – Zaragoza – Civico Delicias
  • 09.NOV – ES – Madrid – Silikona
  • 10.NOV- ES – Villares de la Reina – Nave Bunker
  • 11.NOV – PT – Lisboa – RCA
  • 12.NOV – PT – Porto – Metal Point
  • 14.NOV – ES – Vigo – Transylvania
  • 15.NOV – ES – Oviedo – Franel Rock
  • 16.NOV – ES – Bilbao – TBA
  • 17.NOV – FR – Rodez – Club
  • 18.NOV – NL – Veghel – Veghel Death Fest III



  • Paul Speckmann – Bass & Vocals
  • Alex Nejezchleba – Guitars
  • Zdenek Pradlovský – Drums




  • Andréa Vissol – Bass & Vocals
  • Raphaël Sellekaerts – Guitars
  • Lou-Indigo Triagone – Guitars
  • Laye Louhenapessy – Drums