DEFECAL OF GERBE to drop the "Mothershit"

DEFECAL OF GERBE to drop the “Mothershit”

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After the recent release of their discography compilation “Discolocauste: 2005-2018 – The Full Shit So Far“, French three-headed Cerberus Beast of Boogie Goregrind DEFECAL OF GERBE is back and atrocities will soon escalate with the January 18 drop of… the “Mothershit“!

Mocking the supposedly threatening “Mothership” by UK’s led airship, the “Mothershit” will bring faeces to the masses with seventeen tracks of oozing-bootie-shaking platters of brown matters sure to make all glittering princesses fart and dance on glamourously shit-stained dancefloors under great mirrorballs of fire through retarded guttural re-recordings of all of their demo-era material as well as brand new drooling scalofferings mastered at GLOBE AUDIO (PSYKUP, LE GRAND ORCHESTRE DU SPLENDIDE, Albert DUPONTEL…).

Preorders will start on December 10 at the XENOKORP Store and, because good things always come in pairs, besides a brand new line of DoG-gy style merch. and the Digital version, it’ll include a gorgeous 500 copies limited edition first print deluxe DigiPak CD including the “Discolocauste” album as a bonus, second, CD!

This is definitely not for the faint of heart, but only for the fearless, for the toughest fecal gourmets, the trve rectal elite – for the ones able to face the ugly truth that, yes, moms do also poop…

It’s the Mothershit!

On a sidenote, “Discolocauste” will remain available as a FREE download at this location until preorders after what it’ll become a paid release so grab your copy… now!



Track List

  1. Sympathy for the débile
  2. Camembert nécrophile
  3. Once Upon the crotte
  4. Leffe for Dead
  5. Ass of Ped
  6. Sublime inspecteur Derrick Decomposition
  7. Discolocauste
  8. Chiasse à paillettes
  9. Beheaded Kamikaze
  10. Règles in Blood
  11. Madame Richard in the Land of Fist
  12. Adolph Lundgren
  13. Boogie Woogie Dancing truie
  14. Abbath Loves Friskies
  15. I’m Your Boogie touffe
  16. Diarrhée mousseuse
  17. La sono el claque
  • Total running time: 43:26

Camembert nécrophile” Song Stream

Line Up

  • Dave “Hourment” CHAIGNE – Guitars & Vocals
  • Mike “Ron Maiden” CHAIGNE – Bass & Vocals
  • Hervé “To Heaven” MOTTÉ – Drums & Vocals