DEFECAL OF GERBE sign to XENOKORP and start the “Discolocauste”

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The XENO-KORPORATION is proud to announce the capture of French Goregrind trio DEFECAL OF GERBE (also known as “DxOxG”) featuring brothers Dave & Mike of SAVAGE ANNIHILATION and the immediate release of “Discolocauste: 2005-2018 – The Full Shit So Far“, a free digital collection of all of the band’s releases so far as a dis-appetizer for the band’s debut full-length to be unleashed sometimes this Winter.

Active since nearly 15 years and having played countless gigs and festivals all over Europe and UK since its inception, DEFECAL OF GERBE has released several EPs, splits and compilation / tribute tracks all of which are now included in this brand new “discollection” discography compilation available for free download for you to enjoy while the three-headed gargling and vomit-drooling Xeno-Cerberus is putting the finishing touches to its debut album full of twerking Goregrind combined with booty-shaking slamming brutal Death Metal…

Prepare to be… Soiled!

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Track List

  1. Ass of Ped [2013 version]
  2. Once Upon the Crotte [2009 version]
  3. Sublime Inspecteur Derrick Decomposition [2009 version]
  4. Boogie Woogie Dancing Truie [2009 version]
  5. Abbath Loves Friskies [2009 version]
  6. Règles in Blood [2009 version]
  7. Leffe for Dead [2009 version]
  8. In-Trouduc-Fion
  9. Camembert Necrophile [2007 version]
  10. Boogie Woogie Dancing Truie [2007 version]
  11. Diarrhée mousseuse [2007 version]
  12. I’m Your Boogie Touffe [2007 version]
  13. Chiasse à paillettes [2007 version]
  14. Orgasmic Abortion [LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY cover]
  15. Cunt Caviar [COCK AND BALL TORTURE cover]
  • Total running time: 27:21

Line Up

  • Dave “Hourment” CHAIGNE- Guitars & Pitched Vocals
  • Mike “Ron Maiden” CHAIGNE – Bass & Pig Vocals
  • Hervé “To Heaven” MOTTÉ – Drums & Crust Vocals


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