Please read before getting in touch

In order to save everyone’s time, yours included, we’ve setup a little F.A.Q. in which you’ll most probably find the answer to your question, so please read it before contacting us.


Should I create an account when ordering with you?

Definitely! Accounts allow you to: manage your billing and shipping addresses, download your invoices, get your tracking numbers, save and know the current status of your Kredits (out fidelity rewards program). With an account, you save 5% of the current order for a dicount on the next!


What brand / size are your T-shirts / Long Sleeves / Hoodies?

Unless otherwise noted in the individual product description, all of our T-shirts are GILDAN Heavy, all of our long sleeves and tank tops are GILDAN Soft Style and all of our hoodies (including zipped hoodies) are “Just Hoods by AWDis”. All sizes are European. You can find size charts for each of them all over the Web.

Is digital download included with your releases / merch.?

No: it’s even better than that! Everything digital is FREE / name your price on our Bandcamp here!

When will you release / reissue / will there ever be a vinyl / cassette version of [any release]When the time will come, you’ll know. Until then, patience. Wanna hurry the process? There are hundreds of other cool items you can get from us and the more sales, the quicker new releases are out!


Did you receive my payment?

If we did, we’ve marked your order as “processing” and you should have received an email notification. If you didn’t*, you can check the status of your order(s) in your account page here.

When will / did my order ship?

We ship as soon as everything you ordered is in stock. We ship on Friday for products currently in stock and “when it’s available” for preorders, which most of the time means “before release” but also, sometimes, a bit later when factories don’t match the deadline they promosed, which can sadly happen.

Can I get my tracking number

You got it through an automatic email notification when we shipped your order. If you haven’t, log into your account here and check your order status. Tracking number will be included.

Do you read the notes in orders

Of course we do! Yet, we have standardized processes for packing and shipping which means we can’t “double wrap” stuff if you request us to. Should you want more wrapping than in our standard packages? Get in touch first and… double the shipping costs, then for example. For the same reason, we can’t write “leave the parcel to grand’ma at the end of the street”. Should you want us to, well, put grand’ma’s address as your shipping address…

I don’t / didn’t receive your email notifications

Check your spam folder. Check your account here to verify the email address you entered doesn’t have typos. If everything’s OK, it most probably comes from your email provider censoring our emails due to the band names / releases titles. It often happens with phone / cable operators like AOL, Free, SFR, Orange, Wanadoo, Bouygues, T-online and the likes and older email providers like Club Internet, etc. Get yourself a “real” email using modern providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

I’d like to add more products to my pending order

No problem: let us know below which and what’s your current order number and we’ll add them for you sending you a PayPal invoice you’ll be able to pay directly on their Website / app should you have an account with them or not.

Band submission

Plain and simple: we don’t accept bands submissions. We don’t envision any new signing now or never in the future and if we do, we most probably already know who we’d sign anyway.

Media contact

Do you want to review / airplay / Podcast our releases or interview our artists? You’re more than welcome doing so! Get in touch below and let us know of your name, media name, media URL and country and be our guest!

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