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Our customers, retail our wholesale, are our top priority. Our artists come right after them. In order to focus on those two, we most surely can avoid any email from you if you don’t belong to those, so pleace read the following before you email us. Any irrelevant email will simply be ignored. Sames goes for social networks DMs, PMs or whatever.

Orders related questions

You placed an order with us? Thank you very much! Do you have troubles with it? Here are the answers to the questions we’re asked the most.

  • Did my order ship? Can I have my tracking number?

Our website sends you automatic email notifications at each stage of the ordering process (confirmation, processing, shipment). You consequently will receive one when your order ships but those notifications often end in your spam folder, so please check it first and foremost.

If your shipping confirmation is nowhere to be found there, it might happen that you placed an order for an item that’s not in stock yet (preorder). Please double check the item page to see it’s shipping date. If there’s none, it’s supposedly in stock and should have shipped. Please note that we exclusively ship on Fridays, this meaning that if you ordered past Thursday noon (French time), your order will be postponed to the following Friday.

If you ordered items in stock and it’s the right week for your order’s shipment, then your email client most probably rejected shipping notification altogether. In this case, login to your account where you’ll find your ordering history and details about them all, including their status and tracking numbers.

  • How long does it take for my order to arrive? My package is damaged

Once we shipped your order, we fullfilled our part of the mutual agreement that placing an order means. Parcels delivery can take up to six weeks depending how far you live from France which is the country we’re shipping from and there’s nothing we can do about it. Sames goes if your parcel arrived damaged: we’re carefully packing everything we send with either bubble-wrap (CDs, Cassettes), stiffeners or even both (LPs) in tough cardboard. That’s respecting our part of the deal. If the postal service damages it, we’re not responsible for the way they handle parcels, that’s their job. Any complaint? Contact your local post office.

  • It’s been more than 72hrs ((France) / six weeks (everywhere else) since shipment and my parcel’s not there yet.

If you’re from FRANCE, La Poste insures parcels at a € 23.00 / kgs rate as we speak but it’s subject to change at any time. If your parcel didn’t reach you three week days (weekends don’t count!) after shipment, let us know so we can ask La Poste for details. Note that it can take up to SIX weeks to get an answer from them. When we’ll get an answer, they’ll let us know if we gonna get a refund (at the afore-mentioned rate) or not. If we’re lucky enough to get one, be sure we’ll immediately transfer it your way the day it reaches our bank account.

If you’re from anywhere but France, no luck. Parcels aren’t insured outside France (for retail customers!) and there’s nothing we can do about that. The postal service fucked up, not us.

If you’re one of our wholesale customers, parcels are all insured so let us know of any delay / loss and we’ll make sure you get a refund if the parcel is lost. Of course, you must be quick to let us know as after a few weeks, insurance won’t work anymore. Track your parcel daily once being notified of its shipment and let us know of any trouble. Note also that refund can take up to TWELVE WEEKS and there’s nothing we can do about that.

  • Why did I pay more on Bandcamp / Discogs than on your website?

Simple: Bandcamp takes 10% processing fees and Discogs 8% (to this day). Bandcamp even goes further invoicing you VAT we don’t have to (they act illegaly, on the matter, but it’s their own shit…). Add to this we have to list things there, process orders placed theree manually on our back-office system to ensure our stocks are reliable and . It’s a long and costy process, that has a price. Better order from our website next time (plus you’ll find there items we don’t list on those sites, anyway).

Other questions

  • Do you trade?

No. You’re welcome sending us an email through the below form to be added to our whoesale mailing list if you wish, though.

Do you accept bands submissions?

No, unless you’re an established band with many albums out, are a real touring machine and send thousands of copies of each release in which case you’ll most probably do better on a bigger label, anyway.

Any question?

If we didn’t answer it above. If it’s not a trade offer or a band submission, feel free to send us a message below. We don’t guarantee any answer, though.