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AXRADKTVA: INSAIN “Spiritual Rebirth” and “Enlightening the Unknown”

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How did we get in touch?

When KAOTOXIN started promoting gigs, we got contacted by a million bands and booking agencies alike that’s how I received a message from some unknown band named INSAIN that just self-released its debut, “Spiritual Rebirth“, that totally blew me away when I blasted it.

I offered them a gig that should have seen them support THE SEVEN GATES who unfortunately disbanded beefore it could happen but… we were in touch.

INSAIN interview and live in Bruxelles in 2011

How did we deal?

When GRONIBARD’s “Satanic Tuning Club Turbo!” got sent to the factory late 2011 and I was after a Death Metal band to sign in order to make it clear that KAOTOXIN was more than just a Grindcore label, INSAIN obviously immediately came to mind and we agreed on a deal within a couple days.

Spiritual Rebirth

Mixed and mastered at Poland’s famous HERTZ studio, with artwork by well-known artist Michal “Xaay” LORANC and self-released late 2010, it has everything a Death Metal album needs: the stellar musicianship, the catchiness, the great songwriting, a perfect production, a very cool artwork and layout and whatnot but, above all, whatever can be the musical prowesses on display, it also has that “little something” making it stand above the pack, something you can’t really describe through words but that makes you know on the first spin it’s one of those extremely rare albums that will stand the test of time and become “a classic” that’s why we decided to re-release the album as the first step of our cooperation.

We rebranded the album adding the label’s logo, barcode and all necessary infos on the back cover and re-released it worlwide along with a collector edition in DIY DigiPak limited to 200 copies for a total of three different versions of a single print (self-released, “re-branded” [TOX008CD] and DigiPak [TOX008CDLE]).

Enlightening the Unknown

With their debut, INSAIN started being noticed and play quite some cool gigs and festivals like cult Mountains of Death in Switzerland, at which they premiered some of the stuff that would end on what should have been their “2012 second full-length” according to Sangli‘s description of the video below…

Sadly, a bit after the album’s release, Sangli got caught in a violent car crash that resulted in countless broken bones and monthes at the hospital but whatever the pain, he would endure, he was playing (electronic) drums the more he could to recover his great level (listen to his bass drums playing!) and be ready to record the band’s next album.

From time to time, he could leave the hospital a few days between two surgeries and that’s how I got offered to come to see the band rehearse new stuff. They, again, blew me away playing their really demanding brutal and technical stuff as easily as if it was mere Reggae shit. Seeing Sangli hardly able to walk and, then, transform into a possessed drummer once sat behind the kit was not only incredible, but also one of those lessons people can sometimes give you in terms of strength of will, courage and passion. This was impressive, to say the least!

Even if they wanted to keep playing live waiting for Sangli to fully recover and be ready to record their next album with him behind the kit and gave some session drummers a try, it didn’t work without him and tensions started to arise leading to bassist Tibo‘s depature, soon replaced by Benoit “Bono” JEAN.

During one of those few days Sangli could escape the hospital, they headed back to the studio to record the drum parts for their next release and we met again, Sangli, David and me. Sangli was walking with crutches and pain and exhuastion were obvious on his face after a full day spent recording. Still, the result on “Enlightening the Unknown” is, again, stellar.

But with the time spent off stage, the countless surgeries delaying everything and everyone focusing on other things meanwhile, INSAIN was already no more by the time we released “Enlightening the Unknown“.

Yet, produced at Italy’s famous 13th CELLAR studio and with artwork by not less famous HEADSPLIT design, it remains a fantastic release that sees the band adding to its former “Polish-influenced” Death Metal, more technical elements, and, with an intro and guest vocals by ex-UFATHOMABLE RUINATION singer Daniel NEAGOE (then signed to KAOTOXIN with his Funeral Doom band EYE OF SOLITUDE), it remains like a dark Death Metal gem!

What should have became the lyrics video for the song “Absorbing

What did they become?

Tibo (bass on “Spiritual Rebirth“) is now in COWARDS. Benoit “Bono” JEAN (bass on “Enlightening the Unknown“) became session bassist for countless bands, among which SAVAGE ANNIHILATION (on “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” and part of “Soumises à la procréation“), but is also now in COR SPERPENTII, a Progressive Extreme Metal band formed by ex-INSAIN guitarist Nicolas BECUWE. Louis LAFITTE (vocals) is now in GUTTURAL DEEPTHROAT and HUMANITY’s DECLINE while David SCHONBACKLER (guitars) joined ex-KAOTOXIN artists, Black Metalers AZZIARD. Sangli is now the drummer for cult underground Thrash / Death band WITCHES, fronted by Sybille COLIN-TOCQUAINE, who’s also one of the guest vpcamosts on the afore-mentioned SAVAGE ANNIHILATION album and EP… a family affair!

SAVAGE ANNIHILATION’s “L’orgie des morts” from “Soumises à la procréation” with Benoit “Bono” JEAN on bass

Reprint, reissue?

Spiritual Rebirth” is since long soldout on CD but you can stream it everywhere while “Enlightening the Unknown” is still available. Once the later would be soldout we might consider a reissue of both on a single CD and / or double LP, but that’s highly unlikely at the time of typing those lines yet… if anyone has a quality rip of the band’s “Corpse Before Death” demo or good live recordings, send it our way, that might be a cool addition to a future reissue if any!

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