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How did we get in touch?

The middle of an afternoon, early 2012. My phone is ringing and some random dude tells me he got my number by someone and his band has an album recorded, asking if I want him to email me a link so I can have a listen.

I must admit I wasn’t listening much. He somehow took me by surprise and I was more concerned by how got my number by what he was actually telling me and I mechanically answers “Yes, send it my way” thinking that I just would have to answer “Sorry but no”.once I would have received his email.

We were in touch for what I then think would be the first and last time.

How did we deal?

I clicked the link DEHUMAN bassist and vocalist Andréa VISSOL (that was him calling) and got immediately blown away! What I was listening to was somekind of a bit more melodic version of MERCYLESS, that band I loved and missed so much since they disbanded… Raspy vocals à la Max OTERO yet with some more brutal parts too (blastbeats, you said?)… a slap in the face! One hour after the original phone call, I was phoning him back. We had a deal.

(Fun fact is that once MERCYLESS reaooered and signed to KAOTOXIN then XENOKORP, Andréa would be their session bassist for the European tour they did with SAVAGE ANNIHILATION and AVULSED in 2017)

Black Throne of All Creation

The album was ready. Produced at the BLACKOUT studio in Bruxelles (BE) and the lartwork and ayout were ready too, all done by the BLACKOUT studio / ENTHRONED team among which Olivier LOMER-WILBERS that worked on the band’s second full-length, “Graveyard of Eden” too but would also later on create the artwork and do the layout for AD PATRES’ “A Brief Introduction to Human Experiments“.

That’s when I also got to meet François “Corvus” BREULET of CULT OF ERINYES and WOLVENEST that just created his own label, TANQUAEM AEGRI SOMNIA, to release the album on vinyl and later on become a KAOTOXIN sub-label.

Upon release, DEHUMAN embarked in two tours with Belgium Grind/Mincecore legends AGATHOCLES. I don’t remember which one it was, but during of those tours, they parked the van in front of a mall and all but a AGATHOCLES dude went inside to get some pizzas. When they came back to the van, they’d discover someone had broken a window to get in and see the remaining AGATHOCLES dude laying in there, thinking he got killed by the intruder when he was actually… sleeping… He heard nothing!

In between the two tours, I got in touch with not less legendary Paul SPECKMANN to see if he’d be interested in having DEHUMAN open for MASTER on some upcoming European tour. Paul agreed and they embarked for the first of a long series of tours they’d do together among which a Balkans tour that didn’t end that well for DEHUMAN when both bands’ vanhad an accident while in Romania during which Laye LOUHENAPESSY (drummer) got his knee injured forcing the band to cancel the rest of the tour.

“Graveyard of Eden”

Again recorded at the BLACKOUT studio, “Graveyard of Eden” got mastered at SAINTE MARTHE studio and released as a limited edition DigiSleeve CD first print while, as the band was planning a South American tour upon release, we dealt with Argentina’s DISEMBODIED Records to co-release the vinyl version.

The South American tour turned into a Brazil tour where. Meanwhile, the album started to get quite some impressive feedback, like legendary Fenriz playing it on his show saying he “loves the album become it reminds him of early PESTILENCE, but faster“, etc. which led to a quite immediate second print, this time on jewel box CD.

The album got released right after PUTRID OFFAL released its comeback debut, “Mature Necropsy“. They were searching for a drummer at that time and I introduced them to Laye who then became the drummer for both bands. That’s how I ended handing him DEHUMAN‘s copies of the album when he played what I believe was his first live with PUTRID OFFAL, a live session for France’s Killing Machine radio show.

Countless European tours and festivals followed among which tours with the likes of MASTER or SADISTIC INTENT after which guitarist Matthias BOULOUGOURIS got replaced by Lou “Triagone”, also an ex-VIBRION member like Laye.

“Decay into Inferior Condition”

October 7, 2016. it’s MERCYLESS’ “Pathetic Divinity” release and I’m drown in orders to pack and ship. Meanwhile, in Helsinki (FI), MASTER is plays and records one of the gigs of its new Europe tour… that would be released late 2017 as the “Decay into Inferior Condition” split with DEHUMAN as both bands are planning a new European tour together and we all want to offer their fans new stuff for the occasion.

MASTER brings in four tracks from the afore-mentioned show while DEHUMAN enters the studio to caputre a live performance of a song from each of its two albums and a new one, “Morbid Sun” and we’re sending everything to the factory so the vinyl gets ready for the tour. The factory of course fucked it all informing us very late they’d delay all orders by weeks if not monthes as they overbooked their production line…

That’s how, in a rush, we sent a DigiPak CD version to another factory so it’s ready for the tour. Limited to 200, it got soldout before the tour ended and is most probably (one of) the rarest MASTER CD. The vinyl itself being released after the tour. Since then, DEHUMAN is busy writing its third album.

Reprint, reissue?

Black Throne of All Creation” is soldout on vinyl and near to be on CD. We’ll definitely reprint it (on CD). “Graveyard of Eden” is still available and a few copies of the vinyl version of “Decay into Inferior Condition” are still available. The later will never be reprinted. So, if you want one… be quick!

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