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ATARAXIE reveal new album details

ATARAXIE "Résignés"

Climate change forecasts announce a terribly dark and doom-y Winter as French Extreme Doom mastodon ATARAXIE will return with its fourth studio full-length,titled “Résignés“.

Gathering as a worldwide team of obscure forces to unleash a global apocalypse of darkness, XENOKORP, DEADLIGHT and WEIRD TRUTH will make sure to attack your doomed specie on all darkened fronts with the Xeno-Lords’ Korporation taking care of the vinyl and cassette tape versions while the two other members of the axis of despair will bring forth the CD.

ATARAXIE “Résignés” artwork

ATARAXIE "Résignés"
Photography: Kalistor DINENT’DAL – Layout: Arturo VARGAS (SEANCE, ZOMBIEFICATION…)

Winter 2018 – Prepare to meet thy Extreme Doom.