SIDIOUS is all about closing the gap between ultra-massive blackened Death Metal and Symphonic Black Metal with blazing fast parts, countless layers of orchestrations, commanding vocals and a very personal riffing that really set them apart from all the alike-sounding Black / Death Metal bands these days.

Created in 2012 and featuring past and current members of CREPITATION, EYE OF SOLITUDE, CLOUDS and more, SIDIOUS released its debut EP, “Ascension to the Throne Ov Self”, in 2013 literally taking the underground scene by storm, impressing even the hardest to impress of medias when it comes to un-trendy music (“Fucking Gigantic!” said MetalSucks!) and with “only” four tracks, created such an immense starting point many bands would have thought their career reached their creative peak with such a release but for SIDIOUS, it was just the beginning.

Hitting the PARLOUR Studio (DIMMU BORGIR, NAPALM DEATH, LOCK UP…) in 2014 with Russ RUSSELL behind the knobs like for their debut EP, SIDIOUS recorded their debut full-length, “Revealed in Profane Splendour“, bringing their very personal mix of brutality, melody and orchestration to a whole new level of intensity, density and heaviness.

Lyrically, SIDIOUS deals with enlightenment and Luciferianism, carrying the lighted torch of knowledge and self-awareness in the darkest of caverns that is today’s so-called civilization.

Kneel before none!


Line Up

  • Isfeth – Guitars & Vocals
  • Indomitus – Guitars
  • Baalrath – Bass
  • Chris Holtum – Drums

Past members

  • Void – Vocals
  • Fahim – Drums
  • Krhudd – Drums