Formed in 2002 by brothers Dave (guitars and vocals) and Mike (drums), SAVAGE ANNIHILATION spent ten long years conceiving, defining, shaping, refining and fine-tuning their brand of Death Metal made of gory, heavy and brutal Death Metal the old-school way yet with memorable solos and catchy riffing before releasing their 2012 debut full-length, “Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries” followed by countless gigs and tours in Europe with the likes of AVULSED, DYING FETUS, BELPHEGOR, MERCYLESS and many more.

SAVAGE ANNIHILATION is quite a unique band as, besides singing in French, they also develop a story throughout their releases, the adventures of Lieutenant SAVAGE, the sole member of elite troop ANNIHILATION KORPS remaining after the, somehow, Apocalypse begun and hordes of blood-thirsty zombies started roaming the Earth. As such, second full-length, 2017’s “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” is, concept-wise, the second season of the story that begun with their debut even though it definitely surpasses its predecessor in all aspects (production, songwriting, artwork…) even if, of course, still being in the same gory Death Metal vein.

The band’s also unique in its theatrical or cinematic approach of music with, for example, professional opera singer Claire MOTTE appearing on the two first albums or the use of characters that appear throughout their releases, such as Déhà (WE ALL DIE (laughing)…) playing a religious fanatic in their second full-length.

New EP, “Soumises à la procréation“, even if different in its structure being  made of three new songs and three “bonuses”, is no exception as it continues the adventures of Lieutenant SAVAGE where the story ended on the previous release, but it also goes further inviting special guests like Max OTERO (MERCYLESS…), Loïc TRIVETTE (KRONOS…), Sybille COLIN-TOCQUAINE (WITCHES…) or Dum’s (PLEASURE TO KILL…) to the feast adding to the story an homage to SLAYER’s Jeff HANNEMAN and both DEICIDE and HELLOWEEN covers to reflect the wide spectrum of the band’s influences…

…au service du Diable!


Line Up

  • Dave CHAIGNE – Bass, Guitars & Vocals
  • Mike CHAIGNE – Drums