Picture by G. Lezier


Most probably one of the, if not the, first real gore Death / Grind bands to ever emerge from the rotten bowels of France, PUTRID OFFAL, formed back in 1991 and quickly gained the attention of the underground scene with their first demo, “Unformed“, which resulted in many compilation apparitions, a split 7” with AGATHOCLES, a split CD with SUPURATION, KHROMADEATH, SEPULCHRAL and others and their now cult split MLP with EXULCERATION, “Premature Necropsy“, all of this in the span of only two years (1991-1992).

The band continued to evolve and, in 1994, released a more Industrial Death Metal demo before changing name to M.PHERAL to better suit the new musical direction and eventually released two demos, an EP (1996) and a full-length (1997) under that new name before disbanding (a second full-length exists but remains unreleased).

Back late 2013, PUTRID OFFAL reformed and started rehearsing all of their early 90’s back catalogue. Things getting along pretty … brutal, and with the addition of newly recruited guitarist and long time friend Philippe Reinhalter (DIVISION ALPHA, FORLORN EMOTION…) the band decided to record all of this old-school material with an up-to-date production and eventually started writing new tunes which resulted in the release of the “Suffering” EP in 2014, featuring the first brand new PUTRID OFFAL original in 20 years, “Livor Mortis” and the “Mature Necropsy” debut full-length, nearly 25 years after the band’s inception, in 2015.

The release of “Mature Necropsy“, featuring all of their 90’s back catalogue completely re-written and re-recorded, with special guest solo and vocals by legendary LOUDBLAST frontman Stéphane Buriez, got accompanied by the simultaneous release of “Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues“, a compilation of all of the band’s 90’s originals, remastered from the original master tapes.

The album quickly became a success and gigs at quite all European underground festivals quickly ensued (Obscene Extreme, Fall of Summer, DeathFeast…) along with an European tour with fellow French legends MERCYLESS before PUTRID OFFAL entered the studio again to record their brand new 2017 EP celebrating their gig at HellFest, “Anatomy“, the first session featuring drummer Laye Louhenapessy, even though he’s been the band’s drummer since 2015.

Let there Be Rot!


Line Up

  • Franck Peiffer – Vocals
  • Philippe Reinhalter – Guitars
  • Frédéric Houriez – Bass
  • Laye Louhenapessy – Drums