DISABLED band picture


Formed in 1991 as DROWNED and quickly renamed DISABLED, the band released three demos from 1992 to 1995 before entering the studio in 1996 to record their sole EP, “Faith Ablation” (1997) and sadly disband soon after.

Throughout its brief carreer, DISABLED have shared European stages with the likes of MORBID ANGEL, MERCYLESS, CARCASS, SINISTER, BLOOD and many more, its impious and bestial Death Metal leaving a strong impact on the scene, an impact that would survive the band itself and which led to a series of posthumous releases like 20125’s discography collection “When All Is Slayed…” and 2018’s unearthing of previously unreleased material, “The Final Exhumation“.

Nearly 30 years after its inception and more than 20 after its demise, DISABLED are still recognized within the worldwide underground as one of the most brutal and unholy bands ever to emerge from the French Death Metal scene of the ’90s.

Witness the malevolence of the Green Flesh Messiah!


  • 2020 – “The Final Exhumation
  • 2012 – “When All Is Slayed…” [compilation]
  • 1997 – “Faith Ablation” [EP]
  • 1995 – “Here Lies Your God” [demo]
  • 1993 – “The Fall of Christ” [demo]
  • 1992 – “s/t” [demo]

Line Up

Latest line-up

  • St├ęphane MORILLON – Vocals
  • Eric MOYEN – Guitars
  • Pascal BIRONNEAU – Bass
  • Laurent ROY – Drums