Formed back in 2006 in Belgium by four young Metalheads, DEHUMAN quickly evolved from a local demo band to a fantastic force today’s underground Death Metal scene wouldn’t be the same without with their countless tours in Europe, UK or even Brazil with the likes of AGATHOCLES, JIG-AI, MASTER, SADISTIC INTENT, VITAL REMAINS and more and their overall involvement within the scene as either shows or festivals promoters (as Undercore), bookers (as Killtown Bookings Belgium) or members / (session) members for the likes of MERCYLESS (Andréa), PUTRID OFFAL (Laye) or VIBRION (Lou and Laye)…

In the span of only ten years, they managed to play more than a thousand gigs -most probably ten times more than most bands in their whole carreer- and release two masterpieces of true Death Metal with their 2012 debut “Black Throne of All Creation” and 2015’s follow-up, “Graveyard of Eden“, both impressive to the point legends of the underground Extreme Metal scene noticed them and had only praise words about the band (“I like DEHUMAN. They remind me of early PESTILENCE, but faster” – Fenriz).

Early 2017, while starting to plan their third European tour with long-time friends MASTER, DEHUMAN recorded three new “live in the studio” tracks to both celebrate within their ranks the arrival of new guitarist and already long time live member Lou-Indigo Triagone (ex-VIBRION) and the upcoming tour with the release of the said songs as the “Decay into Inferior Conditions” split LP with the afore-mentioned kvlt Extreme Metal forefathers.

Welcome to your evil death into the light of the morbid Sun!



  • Andréa Vissol – Bass & Vocals
  • Raphaël Sellekaerts – Guitars
  • Lou-Indigo “Triagone” – Guitars
  • Laye Louhenapessy – Drums

Past members

  • Matthias Boulougouris – Guitars