Born in Nantes, France in 2014 under this moniker and brutalizing stages ever since, DEFENESTRATION, whose name’s an obvious reference to CRYPTOPSY’s debut, released its first demo, “Ordinary Violence“, in December of 2015.

The rather “uncontrollable full-on assault” that was “Ordinary Violence” was the first step of a young band and it was obvious it was more or less a collage of diverse influences ranging from Thrash to Grind with a strong emphasis on up-tempo Death Metal with low gutturals throughout the whole release, but the most notable point was the nevertheless already noticeable fetish for early 90’s approach to brutality the focus point being rather put on fastness than on the technical level.

Mixing blast-beats with raging attacks of up-tempo Thrash frenzy not forgetting a decent dose of grooves and melodies, the 2016 single “Blinding Sublimation” was clearly a step forward as influences started melting and DEFENESTRATION‘s personality emerging with less Grindcore, a bit more grooves and melodies yet with the reaffirmation of their true love for early 90’s brutal Thrash / Death keeping that relentless speedy tempos going on throughout the single song.

In 2017, DEFENESTRATION entered the studio again to record “Gutter Perdition“, their debut EP that’s definitely proving the band’s evolution through five tracks of furious Death Metal without an once of pathetic nostalgia but with a digested and regurgitated, now refreshed, early 90’s Thrash / Death influence that definitely adds a lot to the band’s sound even to the point it got picked up by XENOKORP to be the very first release of the label’s new “Militia Series“, a line of releases meant to help young talents reach the next stage and kickstart their careers.


  • 2018 – “Gutter Perdition [EP]

Line Up

  • Cancrelat – Vocals
  • Apocalyptic Lawnmower – Guitars & Vocals
  • Basstard – Bass
  • Ă„aerzerath – Drums

Past Members

  • Petite Frappe – Drums [on “Gutter Perdition“]