Formed in 1990 by schoolmates Tony, Ben and James to mix their passion for Extreme Metal and the Lovecraftian mythology. It took CATACOMB only three demos to become cult among fans of Death Metal with the unique grim sound and atmosphere they created around an impressive guitarist with a ice-cold sound, an inhuman vocalist and the use of terrorizing and mesmerizing keyboards layers this resulting in cult Death Metal label DROWNED productions to release their debut EP, “In the Maze of Kadath”, in 1993 and securing themselves the main support slot for MERCYLESS’ 1993 tour.

Many line-up changes, a scene that started loosing interest in Death Metal, a last EP, “We Shall Inherit », in 2001 and the band was gone with ARMEE DE LA MORT records putting the final nail in their coffin in 2010 with the release of “The Years of Morbidology”  compilation of all of their recordings but… that is not dead which can eternal lie!

The next decade saw countless unofficial reissues to surface until the beast woke from its silent slumber when Tony and Ben joined forces again to rework and re-record old stuff which resulted in the release of two singles celebrating the band’s 30th anniversary but it was already too late: planets were aligned and the beast couldn’t be stopped!

Tony being a guest soloist on MERCYLESS’ “The Mother of All Plagues”, he was in touch with XENOKORP records and a deal got quickly inked for the release of a rewritten and re-recorded version of “In the Maze of Kadath” and… more!


  • 2020 – Back to Unknown Kadath