PUTRID OFFAL’s Vomited Analog Tract

PUTRID OFFAL "Premature Necropsy"

The Korporation is proud to take part to legendary Gore Death / Grinders PUTRID OFFAL’s anniversary celebrations announcing the Nov.05 release of the band’s complete pre-album releases compilation “Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues” on vinyl and cassette.

First released on CD in 2015, this brand new version of the compilation, specifically remastered at CONKRETE studio (DEFEATED SANITY, MERCYLESS, INHUME…) for analog formats, “Premature Necropsy” includes the band’s 1991 “At the Sight of the Foul Offal” split with Belgian legends of Mincecore AGATHOCLES, their cult 1992 “Premature Necropsy” with Swiss Grinders EXULCERATION and their part of the famous underground French Death Metal six-way split “Obscurum per obscurius” (SUPURATION, DAGON, KHROMADEATH, SEPULCHRAL, NOCTURNAL FEARS…).

This new XENOKORP Kvlt Series version (CD got released under the KAOTOXIN banner) will come in four different versions:

  • 100 copies limited edition translucent red with black splatter 12″ vinyl LP
  • 200 copies limited edition black 12″ vinyl LP
  • 30 copies limited edition black shell cassette tape
  • 30 of the above red & black vinyls coming with an exclusive autographed test press copy of the album, a red shell version of the cassette tape and a “Premature Necropsy” slipmat.

All vinyl versions will include:

  • black paper inner sleeves
  • 3mm scinde sleeves printed on 350g cardboard with glossy lamination
  • full-color inserts printed on 170g glossy paper
  • a full color “outdoor” vinyl sticker
PUTRID OFFAL "Pemature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues"
PUTRID OFFAL “Pemature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues”

Track List

  1. A1 – Intro
  2. A2 – Purulent Cold
  3. A3 – Repulsive Corpse
  4. A4 – Premature Necropsy
  5. A5 – Rotted Flesh
  6. A6 – Symptom
  7. A7 – Garroting Way
  8. A8 – Suffering
  9. A9 * Mortuary Garland
  10. A10 – Outro
  11. B1 – Mortuary Garland
  12. B2 – From Plasma to Embalming
  13. B3 – Gurgling Prey
  14. B4 – Birth Remains
  15. B5 – Organic Excavation
  16. B6 – Oscillococcinum
  17. B7 – Rotted Flesh
  18. B8 – Gurgling Prey

All A side songs from the 1991 split with EXULCERATION. B1 to B5 from 1992’s “Obscurum per obscurius”. B6 to B9 from “At the Sight of the Foul Offal” / “Unformed”

Line Up

  • Franck PEIFFER – Guitars & Vocals
  • Frédéric HOURIEZ – Bass & Vocals
  • Boris – Drums (on “Premature Necropsy” & “Obscrurum per obscurius”)
  • Ludovic LOEZ – Drums (on “Unformed” / “At the Sight of the Foul Offal”)

Time for Human termination has come!

OTARGOS (20 Years of Human Termination"

The Korporation is proud to announce the May 14 release of legendary French Blackened Death Metal horde OTARGOS’ new digital live album celebrating the band’s 20 anniversary, “20 Years of Human Termination”, recorded live at 2015’s KaotoxinFest#II at l’Aéronef in Lille, France, for the release of then new album “Xeno Kaos”.

While putting the finishing touch to their seventh studio album to be released later this year, OTARGOS decided it was about time to release a new live album, ten years after the recording of previous one “Heretic Live”, celebrating two decades spent eradicating mankind with a new raw, heavy and brutal set for the fans to enjoy before embarking on a new termination campaign.

A first single, opening track “Dominatrix” (from 2015’s “Xeno Kaos”), will be released on Apr.23 to start the bestial alien ceremony. Get ready!


OTARGOS (20 Years of Human Termination"
OTARGOS (20 Years of Human Termination”

Track List

  1. Introduction
  2. Dominatrix
  3. Apex Terror
  4. Kinetic Zero
  5. The Ruinous Powers
  6. Origin
  7. Fleshless Deathless
  8. Infernal Legions Trike A.E.
  9. Human Terminate
  10. Xeno Kaos
  11. Remnants of a Long Dead Star

Line Up

  • Ulrich “Dagoth” Wegrich – Guitars & Vocals
  • Hindrik Horvard A.S. – Guitars *
  • M. Pliszke – Bass
  • John A. – Drums *
  • Not in the band anymore.


  • All music & lyrics by OTARGOS
  • Recorded December 2015 at l’AERONEF in LILLE, FRANCE
  • Mixed by OTARGOS
  • Mastered at ALIEN FORCES studios
  • Produced by XENOKORP
  • Picture by Frédéric LE LAY
  • Artwork by M. PLISZKE
  • Executive Producer: Nicolas Williart for XENOKORP
  • All songs published by EDITIONS HURLANTES & SEASON OF MIST Publishing

Return of the Squirting DEAD!

The Korporation is proud to reveal the Sep.03 release of the remastered reissue of Germany’s DEAD (cult 1995 debut, “You’ll Never Know Pleasure…” on both CD & LP.

Even though their part of their 1994 split with REGURGITATE was planned to be their debut full-length like you’ll learn reading the deluxe reissue detailed liner notes written by DEAD’s own Dany Dead in collaboration with professional journalist Olivier “Zoltar” Badin (ZERO TOLERANCE, NOISE…), their then-label POSERSLAUGHTER Records decided it would be their next release and consequently “real” debut, 1995’s “You’ll Never Know Pleasure” that would “officially” shape a whole new subgenre, “Porngrind”, with its obsession for sexual fantasies like BDSM and fetishism.

The early ’90s were blurry times when it comes to musical extremities and “You’ll Never Know Pleasure… Until You’ve Tasted Pain” (the album’s full title, actually) is quite hard to corner, somewhere between Death Metal, Punk, Hardcore Punk and can more accurately be defined as the Extreme Metal version of GG Allin’s shockers, an artist DEAD would cover multiple times throughout decades.

Yet, labelled “Porngrind” afterwards, it’s a genre-defining release like only a few can pretend to be and it’ll be made available again as a respectful and powerful remastered version thanks to CONKRETE studio (DEFEATED SANITY, INHUME, OTARGOS…), specifically for both analog and digital formats, as a deluxe collector DigiPak first print and two vinyl colors not to mention the filthy “Mail-order Collector Edition” that’ll include, among other goodies, a DEAD female G-string!


DEAD "You'll Never Know Pleasure..."

Track List

CD & Digital

  1. Rectal Punishment
  2. Receive My Golden Shower
  3. Penicide
  4. You’ll Never Know Pleasure…
  5. Highest Power
  6. XXL Cunt
  7. Delicious Taste of Vaginal Excrements
  8. Body Fluids Are My Favorite Fetish
  9. Slaves to Abysmal Perversity
  10. Thrested to the Limit of All Delights
  11. Journey to Extasy
  12. Die When You Die
  13. Hey Baby, Why Don’t You Love Me?
  14. Skin Deep Between Her Tights
  15. Recognize: Spread Your Legs, Whore (bonus track)
  • Total duration: 56 minutes


  1. A1 – Rectal Punishment
  2. A2 – Receive My Golden Shower
  3. A3 – Penicide
  4. A4 – You’ll Never Know Pleasure…
  5. A5 – Highest Power
  6. A6 – XXL Cunt
  7. A7 – Delicious Taste of Vaginal Excrements
  8. B1 – Body Fluids Are My Favorite Fetish
  9. B2 – Slaves to Abysmal Perversity
  10. B3 – Thrusted to the Limit of All Delight
  11. B4 – Journey to Extasy
  12. B5 – Die When You Die
  13. B6 – Hey Baby, Why Don’t You Love Me?
  14. B7 – Skin Deep Between Her Tights
  • Total duration: 45 minutes


  • 500 copies limited edition deluxe 3 flaps / 6 panels DigiPak CD with mat lamination and UV spot varnish [XKR032CDLE]
  • 100 hand-numbered copies collector edition “sperm splat on vinyl” 12″ LP with full-color insertand “outdoor” artwork vinyl sticker [XKR032LPLE-SP]
  • 200 copies limited edition black 12″ LP first print with full-color insert and “outdoor” artwork vinyl sticker [XKR032LP-BA]
  • “Mailorder Collector Edition” including 25 of the above “sperm splat” vinyls and deluxe DigiPak CDs plus an autographed test press version of the album, a DEAD female G-string, a DEAD slipmat, an album T-shirt and a 1995 band picture postcard, all housed in a DEAD cotton tote bag.

Line Up

  • Dany Dead – Guitars & Vocals
  • Uwe Dead – Bass & Vocals
  • Peter Dead – Drums & Vocals


  • All music and lyrics by DEAD, except “Highest Power” and “Die When You Die” by GG Allin
  • Recorded and mixed Sping 1995 except “Skin Deep Between Her Tights” Summer 1994
  • Recorded and mixed at PINGUIN studios by Rainer Deckelmann
  • Remastered by Frédéric MOTTE at CONKRETE studio
  • Front cover and pictures by Popp and Kretzschmar
  • Art direction by Anette Hanelt
  • New layout by Lukasz Jaszak
  • Liner notes by Dany Dead and Olivier “Zoltar” Badin
  • Produced by DEAD
  • Executive producer for this reissue: Nicolas Williart

Even more funerals after the plague

MERCYLESS "Coloured Funeral" picture LP

The Korporation is proud to announce it’ll release a 250 copies collector edition of legendary French unholy Death Metalers MERCYLESS’ 1993 cult second full-length album “Coloured Funeral” as a 180g heavy vinyl picture 12″ LP on November 19th, with preorders starting on Sep.13 at XENOKORP.com!

Soundwise, it’ll be the 2017 CONKRETE studio remaster (DEFEATED SANITY, INHUME, OTARGOS…) but with a deeper sound (heavy vinyl!) while packaging will consist in a “big hole” black “picture LP” sleeve with two full-color inserts, a “outdoor” vinyl sticker and a 1993 band picture postcard. 25 “mailorder collector exclusive” copies will come alongside an exclusive autographed test press copy of the album.


Track List

Side A

  1. Spiral of Flowers
  2. Mirrors of Melancholy
  3. Travel Through a Strange Emotion
  4. Forgotten Fragments

Side B

  1. Contemplations
  2. Agrazabeth
  3. Serenade (into Your Limbs)
  4. Naked Forms
  5. Beyond God

Total running time: 40:21

MERCYLESS "Coloured Funeral" picture LP
MERCYLESS “Coloured Funeral” picture LP


  • 250 copies limited edition 180g heavy vinyl 12″ picture LP in black “big hole picture LP” sleeve with bonus “outdoor” artwork vinyl sticker and 1993 band picture postcard [XKR005PLP]
  • 25 of the above as the “mailorder collector edition” with a autographed bonus test press copy of the album [XKR004PLPMCE]

XENOKORP to exhume impious DISABLED relics

DISABLED "The Final Exhumation"

The Korporation is proud to announce that lost and found ’90s impious Death Metal relics will soon be added to the Kvlt Series’ pantheon of underground treasures with the September 11 release of DISABLED‘s recently exhumed material known as “The Final Exhumation“.

Found back in legendary artist Crhis MOYEN‘s treasure chest in 2017 and released on (now soldout) cassette in 2018 by ANTI-HUMAN CONSPIRACY Records, this is a raw pre-production session recorded before DISABLED went on to tape their final release, the “Faith Ablation” EP, in 1997.

Carefully remastered at CONKRETE Studio (MERCYLESS, OTARGOS, ANATA…) yet crude and brutal, like real Death Metal should be, “The Final Exhumation” will nevertheless come as a deluxe DigiPak limited edition first print with artwork and layout by afore-mentioned Chris MOYEN (INCANTATION, SARCOFAGO, BEHERIT…) and detailed liner notes by journalist Olivier “Zoltar” BADIN (NOISEY, ZERO TOLERANCE…). Preorders will be launched July 20 at the XENOKORP Store.

While waiting for this new Kvlt Series must-have, DISABLED “Faith Ablation” T-shirts and long sleeves T-shirts are available at the XENOKORP Store here and the band’s complete discography has been made available at the XENOKORP Bandcamp and on all major streaming platforms.

All hail the Green Flesh Messiah!


DISABLED "The Final Exhumation"

Track List

  1. Exhumation
  2. Massacred by Slitting
  3. The Beast of Csejthe
  4. Ultimate Desecration
  5. Stabwound Butchery
  6. Abolish the Church
  7. Child Abuse
  8. The Eagle of Eli
  9. Back to the Beyond
  • Total Running Time: 28:39

Line Up

  • Stéphane MORILLON – Vocals
  • Eric MOYEN – Guitars
  • Pascal BIRONNEAU – Bass
  • Laurent ROY – Drums


  • 2020 – “The Final Exhumation” [remastered]
  • 2017 – “The Final Exhumation” [cassette]
  • 2012 – “When All Is Slayed…” [compilation]
  • 1997 – “Faith Ablation” [EP]
  • 1995 – “Here Lies Your God” [demo]
  • 1993 – “The Fall of Christ” [demo]
  • 1992 – “Disabled” [demo]


MERCYLESS open the 7th Gate on the 33th Year.

MERCYLESS "The Mother of All Plagues" [XKR030]

1987 years ago, the bastard son died at 33. On the seventh day of the seventh month, 33 years after its inception in 1987, MERCYLESS will spit its seventh ravenous blasphemy in the face of Christ, opening the seventh gate to Hell, spreading “The Mother of All Plagues” upon mankind!

Definitely the darkest MERCYLESS release so far, the new full-length is, style-wise, somewhere between 1992’s “Abject Offerings” and 2013’s “Unholy Black Splendor” and, while 2016’s “Pathetic Divinity” had somekind of a more Euro-Death vibe to it, “The Mother of All Plagues” has a somehow early ’90s “US Unholy Death” feel that, combined with the trademark MERCYLESS riffing and songwriting, will not only delight their fans, but the genre lovers as a whole!

Featuring eleven anthems of malevolent anti-Christian Death Metal, produced at VAMACARA studio (OTARGOS…) and with impious artwork by Néstor ÁVALOS (BLOODBATH…), “The Mother of All Plagues” will be released on July 7, 2020 via XENOKORP on a variety of CD and Vinyl versions (detailed below) among which “Sovereign Evil” special versions with a bonus CD / LP. Preorders will start May 25. Meanwhile, a first single will be released on April 3rd on all platforms.

Bow to the Rival of the Nazarene!


MERCYLESS "The Mother of All Plagues" [XKR030]


  • 33 copies “Die Hard” collector edition including:
    • The Mother of All Plagues (Sovereign Evil)” double clear vinyl in gatefold sleeve with 4 bonus tracks
    • Autographed test press copies of the two vinyls
    • The Mother of All Plagues (Sovereign Evil)” double DigiPak CD with 4 bonus tracks
    • Rival of the Nazarene” exclusive T-shirt
    • The Mother of All Plagues” T-shirt
    • The Mother of All Plagues” slipmate, sticker, etc.
    • All housed in an exclusive “The Mother of All Plagues” screenprinted tote bag
  • 67 copies collector edition “The Mother of All Plagues (Sovereign Evil)” double clear vinyl in gatefold sleeve with 4 bonues tracks
  • 150 copies limited edition “The Mother of All Plagues (Sovereign Evil)” double colored vinyl in gatefold sleeve with 4 bonus tracks
  • 250 copies limited edition black vinyl in gatefold sleeve
  • 467 copies collector edition “The Mother of All Plagues (Sovereign Evil)” double DigiPak CD with 4 bonus tracks
  • 1000 copies limited edition DigiPak CD

All “Sovereign Evil” versions are exclusive to the artist and label.

Track List

The Mother of All Plagues

  1. Infection
  2. Rival of the Nazarene
  3. Banished from Heaven
  4. Bring Me His Head
  5. Contagion
  6. Laqueum Diaboli
  7. Descending to Conquer
  8. Inherit the Kingdom of Horus
  9. The Mother of All Plagues
  10. All Souls Are Mine
  11. Litany of Supplication
  • Total Running Time: 35:00


  • Mixed and mastered at VAMACARA studio.
  • Guest solo on “Laqueum Diaboli” by Stéphane VIARD (former MERCYLESS guitarist)
  • Guest solo on “The Mother of All Plagues” by Florent SANTINA (ABYSSAL ASCENDANT)
  • Guet solos on “All Souls Are Mine” by Michel DUMAS (AGRESSOR) and Anthony DERYCKE (CATACOMB)

Sovereign Evil” Bonus CD / LP

  1. The Third of the Storms [HELLHAMMER cover]
  2. In League with Satan [VENOM cover]
  3. The Exorcist [POSSESSED cover]
  4. Go to Hell (MOTÖRHEAD cover]
  • Total Running Time: 14:25


  • Mixed at PSYKRON studio. Mastered at VAMACARA studio.
  • All guitars on “Go to Hell” by Stéphane VIARD (former MERCYLESS guitarist)


  • Max OTERO – Guitars & Vocals
  • Gautier MERKLEN – Guitars
  • Yann TLIGUI – Bass
  • Laurent MICHALAK – Drums


PUTRID OFFAL announce their new surgery


The Korporation is proud to reveal blood will be running free this Spring as PUTRID OFFAL will be back on May 22 with a new surgical butchery titled “Sicknesses Obsessions“!

After their 2015 comeback debut “Mature Necropsy“, the complete re-writing and re-recording of all of their ’90s material, PUTRID OFFAL are now back with a brand new bloody carnage 19 years after their stillbirth!

Recorded and mixed at PSYKRON studio (MERCYLESS, UNDEAD PROPHECIES…) and mastered at CONKRETE studio (OTARGOS, GOROD…) like its predecessor, featuring special guests among which Stéphane BURIEZ (SINSAENUM, LOUDBLAST…) and Arnaud DHENAIN (BLACK BOMB A…), this new platter of splatter splits the torso wide open and extirpates 15 tracks of frenetic anatomical rampage.

For the careful listener and the real fan, PUTRID OFFAL is not the usual “just gore” and has never been, as ever since their cult 1991 split with EXULCERATION, the band featured Gregorian chants and more into their nevertheless viscerally gory Death / Grind. “Sicknesses Obsessions” is no exception and will definitely impress the unsuspecting listener with unpredictable surprises throughout the album making the band really stand out.

Preorders will begin on April 13 for the first batch of deluxe versions: first print on DigiPak CD (limited to 500 copies) will not only feature two bonus tracks exclusive to the support (17 tracks), but also a live DVD of their pathological performance at 2017’s HELLFEST while the two vinyl versions (red, limited to 100 copies and black) will feature another bonus track, again exclusive to this support (16 tracks).

Let There Be Rot!



PUTRID OFFAL "Sicknesses Obsessions" [XKR029]

Track List

“Sicknesses Obsessions” CD / LP

  1. Autopsy
  2. Let There Be Rot
  3. Dura Mater
  4. Necrotic Mutilation
  5. Charnel House
  6. A Rot’s Caress
  7. Glorify Me
  8. Livor Mortis
  9. Lifeblood Ejected
  10. Viscera
  11. Palor Mortis
  12. Skilled Ritual
  13. Barber Butcher
  14. Y Shaped
  15. Vesalius [CD] * // Veins [LP] **
  16. Heaven’s Door
  17. Vasectomy*
  • Total Running Time: 40:38 [CD] / 38:09 [LP]

* Limited edition DigiPak CD bonus tracks
** Vinyl bonus track

“Live at Hellfest” DVD [main content]

Exclusively available as a bonus to the 500 copies DigiPak CD first print.

  1. Livor Mortis
  2. Purulent Cold
  3. Let There Be Rot
  4. From Plasma to Embalming
  5. Repulsive Corpse
  6. Necrotic Mutilation
  7. Gurgling Prey
  8. Rotted Flesh
  9. Organic Excavation
  10. Suffering
  • Total Running Time : 29:52

Line Up

  • Franck PEIFFER – Vocals
  • Philippe REINHALTER – Guitars
  • Frédéric HOURIEZ – Bass
  • Laye LOUHENAPESSY – Drums

Main Discography

  • 2020 – “Sicknesses Obsessions
  • 2017 – “Anatomy” [EP]
  • 2015 – “Mature Necropsy
  • 2015 – “Premature Necropsy” [’90s discography compilation]


SAVAGE ANNIHILATION annouce third season of Lieutenant Savage adventures: “Soumises à la procréation”


After two seasons (“Cannibalisme, hérésie et autres sauvageries” in 2012 and “Quand s’abaisse la croix du blasphème” in 2017), French gory Death Metal duo SAVAGE ANNIHILATION return with a third chapter of Lieutentant Savage‘s adventures in a world full of blood-thirsty cannibals, religious fanatics, chaos, the Devil, orgies in blood, zombies from beyond the grave and more gruesome and ghastly delicacies…

Titled “Soumises à la procréation” (“Submitted to Procreation“), this new season comes as three episodes and three bonuses (a tribute to SLAYER’s Jeff HANNEMAN and both DEICIDE and HELLOWEEN cover versions) and features such special guests as Max OTERO (MERCYLESS…), Loïc TRIVETTE (KRONOS…), Sybille COLIN-TOCQUAINE (WITCHES…), Dum’s (PLEASURE TO KILL…) and Déhà (WE ALL DIE (Laughing)…) with art by UNDEAD KREATION, already responsible for the artwork behind both previous albums.

Strictly limited to a single print of 500 copies on DigiPak CD, this 22+ minutes new EP will be unleashed upon mankind on Aoril 10 through the Korporation with preorders starting on March 16. A first single, “L’orgie des morts” has been launched today on all major streaming platforms.

L’orgie des morts

Stream the new single!


SAVAGE ANNIHILATION "Soumises à la procréation" [XKR028]

Track List

  1. L’orgie des morts
  2. Soumise à la procréation
  3. Sous terre
  4. When the Slayer Bangs His Head (a tribute to Jeff Hanneman)
  5. When Satan Rules His World
  6. Savage
  • Total Running Time: 22:35
  • Intro for track 1 by Déhà
  • Track 4 is a tribute to SLAYER’s Jeff HANNEMAN feat. special guest vocals by Sybille COLIN-TOCQUAINE and Dum’s
  • Track 5 is a DEICIDE cover version feat. special guest vocals by Max OTERO
  • Track 6 is a HELLOWEEN cover version feat. special guest vocals by Loïc TRIVETTE


  • David CHAIGNE – Bass, Guitars & Vocals
  • Mickael CHAIGNE – Drums
  • Benoit JEAN- Bass (session on tracks 1 to 4)


VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC crowned “Austrian Dukes of Derangement”

VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC (band)

After six long years of wait, misanthropic Austrian snuff fetishists VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC will be back with a new EP on February 7, 2020 at long last!

Aptly titled “Austrian Dukes of Derangement“, it features three brand new songs, a GRONIBARD cover version and a special “Sing Mit Fritzi” instrumental version of “Gang-Raped Acranius” that will be the basis of a contest for which people are asked to record, post and send the label “vocal versions”, the best of which, chosen by the band itself, will be featured on the next VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC release!

Not only featuring brutal artwork by Matthias AUER for MOTTLA Art (BRAIN DRILL, KRAANIUM, VULVECTOMY…), the EP also features guest vocals by Haruka KAMIYAMA (GOREVENT, MEDIC VOMITING PUS, TRAUMATOMY…) on the song “Against Humans, Against Animals, Against Everything” and a special version of “Gang-Raped Acranius” dubbed “DoG-y Style” for which all vocals are done by the three singers of label-mates DEFECAL OF GERBE, Hervé MOTTE and David and Mickael CHAIGNE, the later two also of SAVAGE ANNIHILATION.

Strictly limited to 500 copies, “Austrian Dukes of Derangement” will come with new T-shirt mocking the “Keep Calm…” meme, reading “Keep Calm and Disembowel Everybody” (band logo on a sleeve, title on the other) with preorders starting Dec.23 at the XENOKORP Store.


VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC "Austrian Dukes of Derangement" [XKR026]


VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxC "Austrian Dukes of Derangement" T-shirt

Track List

  1. Against Humans, Against Animals, Against Everything
  2. Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage Banger
  3. Gang-Raped Acranius [DoG-y Style]
  4. Va faire la vaisselle [GRONIBARD cover]
  5. Gang-Raped Acranius [Sing Mit Fritzi contest version]
  • Total Running Time: 12:00


  • Franz STOCKREITER – Vocals
  • Werner KNIESEK – Guitars
  • Wolfgang OTT – Bass [session on tracks 1-3 & 5]


PESTIFER sign to the Korporation and announce new album


The Korporation is proud to announce that Belgian warriors PESTIFER are joining the Xeno-Lords’ armies in their Multiverse War against all life and, in particular, weak Humanity, with the 2020 release of forthcoming third full-length, “Expanding Oblivion“.

Formed in 2004, having released two successfull albums and toured Europe thrice with the likes of KATAKLYSM, KRISIUN and NILE, PESTIFER are known for their unique brand of Death Metal combining mindblowing playing abilities, elaborate riffing and complex song-structures.

With its analog and near-live sound and yet a huge production (mastering by Victor BULLOK (TRIPTYKON, NONEUCLID…), new album “Expanding Oblivion” and its unique Sci-Fi concept that develops in every song and throughout the album as a whole, will clearly demonstrate the band’s seemingly boundless inspiration, bringing them to a new level, pleasing all fans of both old-school Death Metal and modern Tech Death alike, never falling into neither of both actual trends though.

Expanding Oblivion” will be released during the first half of 2020 as a limited edition DigiPak CD first print. Meanwhile, first two albums “Age of Disgrace” (2010) and “Reaching the Void” (2014) have been made available for immediate download / stream on all major platforms, among which the XENOKORP Bandcamp here.


PESTIFER "Expanding Oblivion" [XKR027]

Track List

  1. The Remedy
  2. Ominous Wanderers
  3. Silent Spheres
  4. Disembodied
  5. Swallower of Worlds
  6. Fractal Sentinels
  7. Grey Hosts
  8. Lone Entity
  9. Omniscient
  10. Ultimate Confusions
  11. Expanding Oblivion
  • Total Running Time: 44:58


  • 2020 – “Expanding Oblivion
  • 2014 – “Reaching the Void
  • 2010 – “Age of Disgrace
  • 2006 – “s/t” [EP]

Line Up

  • Jérôme BERNARD – Vocals
  • Valéry BOTTIN – Guitars
  • Adrien GUSTIN – Bass
  • Philippe GUSTIN – Drums